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  1. Pastrysharp, the excellent Califone site, lists Califone opening for Wilco in Ann Arbor on 12/08/06. The venue listed is the Michigan Union, which is not a music venue at all, but sometimes serves as an advance ticket office for the Michigan Theater, an exceptional venue. No word on tickets. No word on Wilcoworld. Anyone heard any other news?
  2. Had to give up my ticket to also be at the Tiger game. As much as it pains me to miss Wilco, it hurts more to miss the opportunity to spend time with everyone (Wendy, Jen, Erin, Morgan, Chris, Lou, ...). Buuut, we have not had a post-season game in Detroit for 19 years ---- GO TIGERS!!!
  3. TH 11.09.06 Magic Bag w/ Venus 3 (Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck, Bill Rieflin) Detroit, MI Wendyyyyyy -- Let's !
  4. GO !!! Haven't seen DBT yet but am planning to see them this tour. I have seen BBJr twice and consider him one of the best live performers out there. The $20.00 is worth it for him alone.
  5. Hey Dazzler, for chrissakes do you want to know the truth of it? ..... Christmas Card so sets me up then knocks me down -- Thanks. You'd of loved the show. Akron and Cleveland tonight .... Dude -- GO!
  6. My head didn't explode after all; it was just immersed in the sweetest, swinginest sounds I've heard in a long, long time. The 27 year wait since the last time I saw him was rewarded with an incredible 2 hour show. Highlights included Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis (first performance on this tour) and the first encore of Murder In The Red Barn, Get Behind The Mule, and a sing-a-long It Rains On Me. Murder In The Red Barn was just all base, dirty blues. When he broke into Get Behind The Mule, the crowd began a supportive, rythmic clap that Waits interrupted saying, "You probab
  7. Tomorrow night at the Opera House after waiting 17 years to see him again, and now a box set of "orphans." My head is going to EXPLODE.
  8. Here's the mix I made for WMS. 01 Woven Birds -- Calexico 02 Star Witness -- Neko Case 03 Meadow -- Espers 04 Motorcycle -- Ana Egge 05 In Houston -- Tapes 'N Tapes 06 Girl Is On My Mind -- The Black Keys 07 Memory Collector -- Kelley Stoltz 08 The Wait -- Built To Spill 09 Spriraling Sideways -- Centro-Matic 10 Black Grease -- The Black Angels
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