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  1. Those games were horrible tonight. I hope the UF - OSU matchup proves to be a bit more entertaining for those of us without any vested interest in the game. That just wasn't a whole lotta fun to watch tonight.
  2. Saw a couple of so-so reviews for Babel on here. I really liked this film a lot. I know it can be a difficult movie to get in to, but I think it's a very rewarding flick if you can just sort of give in to it on a very basic level. That sounds like psyco-babble bullshit but I think it's a pretty good picture all in all.
  3. I get more and more jealous of you guys every year. I'm going to have start networking a little bit more around here. And that poster is just incredible! Good work!
  4. Like a cloud his fingers explode On the typewriter ribbon the shadow grows I've always loved the way those words sounded together. What they mean, I have no idea
  5. Great show. Very mellow as the others have reportedly been. I'd guess 40 people or so. Nothing new to report as far as songs. I didn't see anyone taping. There was one great exchange between Pat and an audience member. Pat had mentioned something about it snowing in Texas and made a remark something along the lines of " I didn't know it snowed in Texas. Did anybody know that?" Someone replies with " It's albino bullshit! " Pat with kind of a confused look says " What does that mean? Is that some sort of Texas-Arizona rivalry thing?" I think pretty much everybody in the place was think
  6. This is a travesty. I read about this on MSN ( I think ) and there is a link to a petition that can be signed for anyone that is interested.
  7. Sorry to hear about your buddy. I had almost the exact same scenario play out almost 10 years ago (has it been that long?) We had to put my dog from my childhood down at age 17. I had also had her since I was 8 and was the first dog we ever had that was deemed "mine". I moved to a lot of different places over the years and she was one of the few constants in my life. She was absolutely the sweetest dog any of dogs that my family has ever had. It was one of the saddest days of my life when we finally had to put her down. I picked her out at the pet store and I was there in the vet's offic
  8. I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with Eddie's gob for years now. Looks like a 12 year-old's set of teeth in a 50 year-old's-mouth.
  9. Canadians definitely have good taste in sports. Hockey and lacrosse are both awesome IMO. Look out for our Coyotes. Gretzky seems to have this thing on the right track. We're bouncing back from injury and the Yanic Pearreault and Mikael Tellqvist signings have been huge.
  10. Joey! That's great! I totally forgot about that. Along those same lines, I think we should remove Roger McGuinn from the RRHOF for changing his name from Jim.
  11. Makes you wonder how popular lacrosse would be if we hadn't wiped out most of its' early participants.
  12. Exactly. In all of my rambling, I forgot to mention the scoring (or lack thereof) aspect of soccer.
  13. Read above post regarding baseball, but tennis? Tennis players are extremely well conditioned.
  14. I was kinda just kidding with that, hence the . Maybe I chose the wrong smilie. I enjoy the World Cup as well, but I think for me it has more to do with the fact that it does involve the whole world and contains so much human drama, national pride, etc.. The nature of boring is all about perception. For some reason, Americans do not equate soccer with "action", even though there is far more going on in a soccer game than in a baseball game at any given time. I also think that a lot of soccer's inherent popularity has to do with the economic nature of the sport. You need virtually no equip
  15. We've been hearing the argument about how many kids growing up now are playing soccer and they'll change the perception in this country for over 20 years now. Yes, it is the most paricipated in sport in the country for children but that's because it doesn't take any athletic ability to stand around for an hour and then maybe chase the ball when it comes near you. Now before you flame me, hear me out. I'm not saying that soccer is easy. It's not. It's very difficult to become good at soccer, but it is the easiest sport to get children who are not athletically gifted, involved in playing. G
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