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  1. DILLARD AND CLARK DILLARD AND CLARK DILLARD AND CLARK glad to see some one else loves this lost masterpiece as much as I do. It is oh so perfect.
  2. I got into them when At Dawn came out, I was even on the street team for It Still Moves and I was off the bandwagon halfway through Z. I think the boys have lost a great sound and are trying to hard now. Sorry, it is gone.
  3. they are all featherweights ps does anyone know where I can still get the vinyl re issue of this?
  4. John Hartford's Aeroplane opens for a fragment of "Turn Your Radio On" and closes witht he whole song. It is a neat concept, it is suppossed to be like you are listening to the radio and waiting for that one special song you only caught a snippet of to come back on. He even does a radiospot part way through. Top notch album by the way.
  5. I suggest Bill Harley, a quirky song writer I grew up listening to and I assume my parents didn't mind much, heck I still don't mind him. Anyways he is interesting and in a good way.
  6. sorry to say but I heard a live clip of that new "Highly Suspicious" song Imagine the worst songs by prince and talking heads (I am a fan of both) and being inspired by them. Looks like I have officially fallen off the MMJ bandwagon after loving and I mean it, their first 3 albums. hohum
  7. I think South western VA has been getting a bunch of new Plan 9s. I wonder if they will continue throughut the state....
  8. John Hartford = Godsend anyone interested should start with Aeroplane
  9. OLD SPIDERS I cannot wait to hear some old gems on the upcoming tour
  10. EVERY SINGLE ONE (except "what a wonderful man" and "into the woods" they disapointed me on Z)
  11. http://goodbadunknown.blogspot.com/2007/11...theme-song.html I don't know if anyone has heard this, it is a tweedy penned theme song for some christina appelgate show that didn't get picked up. It is to the tune of the ruling class, way before it came about. its an interesting listen
  12. I lived there this summer, and then back to good ol roanoke va but you will find lots of fans in Burlington, at least I had a steady group of players that also knew a good amount of songs to play
  13. opeth's album Damnation is a great piece of work, what a voice.
  14. some would consider Wilco a jeff tweedy solo project, you know with him changing band members all the time and everything. I am not complaing just stating a theory, and kind of agreeing with some previous statements. I would like to hear the solo stuff without the hoots and yells as well.
  15. I only listen to pretentious rock bands so I can share them in a list for others to think I am so cool.
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