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  1. When I go to download them, it says "upgrade to Mediapro" or "install mediafire's download manager". This happens if I try to download the whole folder, or any track on it's own. Any ideas much appreciated.
  2. anyone got the full setlist as played?
  3. if Johnathan Wilson has a 10 minute long song, why shouldn't he play it? bit harsh on him i think, him and his band are clearly very good musicians and he has some good songs. Wilco were brilliant last night, 5th time seeing them and it was the best yet. I was desperate for them to play Ashes but getting Pot Kettle Black made up for it big time. Only YHF songs I haven't seen live now are Kamera and Ashes. Via Chicago is the single greatest live song I have ever seen any band play, the noise and pacing of that song are mind-blowing. i think they had to change Misunderstood due to time issues.
  4. that's my review - thanks for posting it. hope people like what I wrote.....
  5. Hey, please let me know what you think..... http://godisinthetvzine.co.uk/index.php/2011/09/20/wilco-the-whole-love-dbpm-records/
  6. sticky2000

    Black Moon

    wasnt that impressed on first few listens, but those strings are immense.
  7. nels just OWNS at the end of that song. oh my god.
  8. there's so much going on at the start of Art Of Almost
  9. how long til the stream folks? im in the UK, by my calculation its about and hour and a half til it goes up yes?
  10. SBS is exactly a feeling and reflects on times during your life that it just fits perfectly. I can sit and listen to this album endlessly and not to mention that it contains my favourite song I have ever heard (so far), Impossible Germany. I can't honestly understand what it is about it that people can dislike... Instrumentation, lyrics, ambience, it's all there!
  11. He needs to release an album of Beyonce covers... He breathes fresh air into her tunes
  12. too loud? i was on the main balcony and wanted them to crank it a bit more. that said, sound quality was great. and an amazing setlist, Via Chicago was incredible. praying for a recording.
  13. that jazzmaster jeff is playing!!!! wow!
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