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  1. Hi fellers, If you can find one I have an 0-16NY that's just awesome. It's kinda like an O sized pre-war Martin slot head. I had an ebony pyramid bridge put on...bone saddle and bridgepins and I can't express in words how much I love it. Snagged mine for around a grand. Best-
  2. Have you moved in the past two years? Perhaps the heat kicked on and sucked the moisture out of the wood which caused enough movement in the guitar as a whole (not just the neck) to begin producing issues. Maybe a humidifier would help.
  3. Do you play it through a tube amp? I have an M1 Active on my 0-16NY...love it through a PA, but it sounds kinda honky through my tube amp...might be the amp though ('62 Silvertone 1482 w/ 12" Weber alnico).
  4. Jeff uses an L.R. Baggs M1 passive along with a Fishman Matrix Natural 2, wired to a single stereo/TRS output jack. Peace.
  5. I had one of those! I was an ass and sold it... Now I'm playing a 0-16NY ...12 fret with a wide neck --similar to the F-25 Methinks you will dig it!
  6. 09/03 - Matthew Ryan vs. The Silver State & Leslie - The Evening Muse this will be awesome
  7. Can you make North Carolina part of So. Cal? ...just for this? ...please? ...it's southern NC... ...my geographic location sucks... Have fun.
  8. Indeed, they are pretty over priced. They are at a similar price point as the Eastwood guitars which are also made in Korea. The new Harmony's have truss rods and other modern appointments which drive the cost up i guess. The Korean made Eastwood I had was very well made...as good or better than any Fender or Gibson I've seen (no offense intended, put your hair down). Peace.
  9. Hi, By any chance has anyone here checked out any of the Harmony re-issues? http://harmonyguitars.com/ProductHome.asp?pl=vintage They look pretty cool...wondering if they sound like the old ones. I'm looking at the H-44 reissue in particular. I had an Airline H-44 but it didn't have the bite that the originals have due in part to the mini humbucker instead of the hershey bar. Anyway, I'd be interested to hear if anyone has played one. Thanks. Best.
  10. Ok...A week ago I'm playing with some dudes and after about two hours of fun my Pro Jr. starts sounding like the speaker blew...awful feedback, and the only way I could get it to stop was turn it off. So, I take it to an amp tech and he deduces that the pre-amp tubes are shot...problem solved. Until last night, when after about an hour and a half it starts doing the exact same thing but more sporadically...again, I have to turn it off to get it to stop. Does it sound like there is something in the circuit that's frying my pre-amp tubes? Thanks for any advice.
  11. I just sold my Blues Jr. NOS in favor of keeping my Pro Jr. Tone was way better I thought...although I built a bigger cab and put a 12' speaker in it but still, even before that it sounded better (more organic breakup). It has to get pretty loud before you get nice breakup though. I have recorded some dirty tremolo soaked stuff at low volumes with an OD and some reverb. You might look for something along the lines of an old Silvertone. I have a 1482...it was cheap and it sounds amazing...circuit is similar to a 50's Deluxe. Scotty Moore (Elvis' guitarist) played a 5 watt Magnatone. I'll
  12. I put up a cover of Woodgrain i did a couple years ago...I love what my dog adds to the atmosphere (besides making me crack up). Thanks for the comments on the other song GtrPlyr. Peace http://villageathiest.muxtape.com/
  13. Lindy Fralin makes some jazzmaster pups...don't know much about those but his P-90's are just awesome.
  14. If you still have these, will you email me through the contact page at this link? http://chrisedwardsfoto.com/ Thanks.
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