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  1. My son for the longest time thought it aw "Casino Queen, my lord told me, don't be gambling like a feind on those tables so green..." and he's being raised by a devout atheist.
  2. I've heard New Madrid 3 times I'm pretty sure. Twice in Columbia and Once in StL. I'm pretty sure I've gotten an Acuff Rose at least once if memory serves me correct.
  3. 2 more fantastic suggestions.
  4. nah I'm male and married, but I'm flattered anyway . But dude it would rock the shite. My bad for not checking the back threads. Of course you should dig the idea with your name.
  5. Would love to hear Jeff wail on D. Boon at a show. I think him a Nels would put on a helluva rocker if they threw that into an encore somewhere. On of my favorite UT "Jeff" songs for sure. Tried to look on Wilco Base and doesn't look like it's been plaid since Wilco. I could be wrong though.
  6. Just listened to Wild Mtn Nation today but have not heard anything off the new one yet. Looks like it's getting positive feedback though.
  7. man I really need to get this one. Fort Recovery is pretty solid.
  8. Wow so many feeling stated here are like how I feel. I've tried to keep Phish in a rotation with all the other stuff I'm into. At least once a month, sometimes not as often. And the more I think about it, if the definition of jamband or the jam scene is what bands inhabit it currently then Phish is definitely a band beyond definition, because they most certainly do not deserve to be grouped with the mediocrity that passes today. I think we also see with Phish that they are defintiely the sum of the whole is greater than the parts that make it up. Trey's solo career has been sketchy at best, an
  9. My biggest regret from these shows is that I did not pick up one of those sweet StL Brown knock off Wilco Caps!!! DAMMIT!!!
  10. Ryan Adams--Gold is one of the worst albums I've ever spent money on. Next time I by an 80's-90's Elton John record I hope it is labled correctly.
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