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  1. If this happens, I would love to do "When You Wake Up Feeling Old."
  2. I had fun watching this. This is one of those movies that tries to keep you guessing until the end and actually kept me guessing until the end.
  3. Matt Garza to the Cubbies Cubs To Acquire Matt Garza
  4. Not sure if this has been posted, but here Mandy is singing backing vocals on "Oh My Sweet Carolina" at a recent soundcheck. I think it sounds really good. Would love to hear more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWfHYj5NBfg
  5. Another cool thing about this show is that it is scored by Michael Andrews aka Elgin Park, who is the guitarist for Greyboy Allstars and did the music (wrote and performed) for the film Donnie Darko.
  6. Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, marshmallows, gravy
  7. This past weekend I had the heat on in the car. It was 61 degrees.
  8. That was great. Thanks. "I'm One" is the perfect soundtrack for that scene.
  9. This disc sounds great. it truly is remarkable to hear the different takes on songs; i've heard wilco do them so many times it's refreshing to hear a new perspective. You can tell everyone brings their own personality to their recording. i wanted to do a hip hop version of Ashes but since i actually have no experience with hip hop, i ended up creating some kind of hybrid. My process was the same for how i usually record: i played sort of a guide track on my acoustic so i would know where the sections of the song lie then worked from there. You don't hear a single note of that track on the finished product. A Shure SM57 was the only mic used; it was used to record vocals, Yamaha acoustic guitar, Hohner student melodica, and Gretsch lap steel. The melodica is the reedy instrument that's featured in the second verse & chorus. i used the lap steel solely for feedback. i reversed the sound of the feedback and that is the intro. The organ, drums, and bass were VSTi. Oh, and i recorded everything in Cubase. i highly recommend getting a melodica. They are a lot of fun and fairly cheap. You can get in a surprisingly diverse set of sounds out of them if played creatively. i feel honored to be a part of this. Everyone did such a great job! The artwork is great. Thanks for your hard work and patience, Donna!
  10. I love in IATTBYH (i think it's Pot Kettle Black) where Leroy is playing keys with one hand and waving a feedbacking guitar with the other.
  11. I love this show, but not get carried away. Nothing tops The Wire.
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