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  1. Does anybody have chords/tab for this one. It was on the old board but got lost in transfer. Actually if anyone has any of the outtakes from YHF like Not for the Season or Alone that would be super. Thanks. Also, on Magazine called sunset, I haven't figured out the bass-heavy bridge (I'm a future fallout standing...) yet. Not that I've spent a lot of time on this but if anyone has the work done that would be nice.
  2. Bravo: the D7 is the missing chord. But there is another missing chord. The first g in the last line there ("I'm always in love) is minor.
  3. I don't think that there are any essential effects. You should never buy or use any unless it will fill a void, if you feel you are missing something. It should feel natural. Otherwise it is not music, just masturbation. But you will find you'll want some sort of distortion, probably overdrive. TS808 is pretty much the standard. I use a chorus pedal for a lot of different things but that is because I love sounds with rates. If I could afford a Leslie speaker I would probably dump the chorus pedal. I've found that a volume pedal for me is very helpful. I bought it for use with my lap s
  4. Can't confirm what Tweedy does but this is what everybody else is talking about: Not two different outputs (soundhole, endpin) just one output but the signal is split. Therefore you have a clean sound which doesn't change. Then on the effects are added as a separate signal (So that the reverb can smoothly come in with the help of an expression/volume pedal). So the clean signal is always there. Different than just putting your signal through the effects. With the split signal if you turn on your effect only the wet signal is effected. The dry mix always remains dry.
  5. Guitars: -Yamaha Acoustic w/ Dean Markley Pro-Mag Single Coil Pickup -Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II (perfect for jazz. If you like Nels' feedback amp dives, try it with a hollowbody. Warning: Only do this is you are insane. You'll love it). -Cheap P.O.S. lap steel -->Boss TU-2 Tuner (Just like Jeff and Nels Ohmygod! I'm gay) -->Dunlop Crybaby Wah (still the best) -->Boss OC-2 Octave Pedal (The discontinued one with no options but great sound) -->Boss Chorus Ensemble (I think this is the best pedal ever if you are willing to experiment with sounds, great range of stu
  6. Yes. And I'm not sharing. Actually I've seen this song tabbed pretty well on the internet before. It might have been through 911tabs.com If it does suck I'll ype ne p oon or ou. t o u s f y
  7. You should check out the webcasts that they've done for KCRW. They did one for YHF and for AGIB. They can be found at www.kcrw.com. When you watch them you can see more of what they are doing. For me the biggest thing is seeing what frets they put capos on. That usually solves most problems. I haven't watched these webcasts in a while but I remember I Am Trying to Break Your Heart as going something like this: Capo 2nd fret: Chords relative to capo: Really sound like B F#m E A Em D The hammer-on is done on the D chord first string: 0^2 Sometimes he doesn't do the hammer-on and ju
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