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  1. How do i tune to F# B D F# B D? Without having to tune my E all the up to F#. I'm sure what i would tune down to to then capo up to get that tuning. Thanks so much for any help! I really appreciate it.
  2. How do i tune to F# B D F# B D? Without having to tune my E all the up to F#. I'm sure what i would tune down to to then capo up to get that tuning. Thanks so much for any help! I really appreciate it.
  3. I love this song.The guitar sounds like heaven, but i cannot figure out the tuning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J5GOuOuqYg
  4. Can anyone figure the tuning out to the song "If you know time".You can hear him tune up at the end of the song I've got a few others, but if you can get this one then your amazing! http://www.archive.org/details/rhitchcock2004-11-02.flacf
  5. Does anyone have a tab for this
  6. Does anyone have a good tab for this? Does tweedy use the DADAAD tuning on it? Thanks
  7. It's kind of crazy that your more likely to run into Billy Corgan than Tweedy! I've met Corgan numerous times and he's always been very nice and talkative,And actually took my friend and i out to breakfast back in the day when we were waiting out in front of a record store in the wee hours of morning.He nonchalantly came walking around the corner and asked us if we were hungry.Lol
  8. Has anyone ever met Jeff just walking about town? Or any Wilco member?
  9. If i ever go to a show and anyone throws anything at me on purpose-and i see them do it,You can bet your a$$ their in for a beating! If there's one thing i'm good at-its fighting.I HATE to fight,but i will never put up with anyone's bullsh$t.
  10. Has Jeff every mentioned any favorite authors or poets? He has an interesting way with words!
  11. Why would Tweedy mention those tunings if none of the songs are actually in those tunings? Lol.Interesting
  12. Does anyone know what songs are in those tunings?
  13. thanks so much! that is exactly what i was looking for!
  14. that would be awesome bc i can't remember if he mentions daddad or dadaad tunings.
  15. Does anyone have this issue? It has Johnny Reznick from the Goo Goo Dolls on the cover,But also Wilco has an article in there where Jeff discusses the tunings used on Yankee.
  16. I'm moving to Chicago the first week of may and i was wondering if anyone on here can give me some good recommendation of places to check out,restaurants,venues etc. Plus,I'm only going to know one other person and would like to meet others in the Chicago area to meet up with,hang-out or even make some music if possible. Just send me an email if interested. Ashaddeau@yahoo.com
  17. How do i tune to DADADE? I can get the DAD but the ADE is the tricky part for me.
  18. A very big surprise to everyone! Richards is very lucky,it's his alien genes!
  19. I don't give a F*** what Tweedy said about it, but Nirvana's Nevermind is what turned me onto music.Flawless to my ears.I find it hilarious that Jeff thought it sounded over produced when in fact it's no more over produced than say AGIB or SBS.I also think that YHFT is a flawless album.There's humour when someone in their early to mid 20's tries to put down Nevermind,when they weren't even aware of what a storm that album caused,when in fact half the bands they listen to woudn't be on the radio if not for Nevermind.
  20. After watching IATTBYH i've realized that it's no surprise that Jay died early.If he didn't have a guitar in his hand it was a cigarette.Chained smoked like a mofo,plus being overweight= MASSIVE HEART ATTACK,but it was the pain killers(no pun intended) that got him.No doubt he had a gift though!
  21. Does anyone on the boards have this issue,it has the lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls on the front cover.I use to own this issue but can't find it.In the interview he talks about 2 tunings he used on Yankee.and i know one of them was DADAAD and maybe DADDAD? Thanks for any help!
  22. I wouldn't even know where to begin. At what point in the writing process do you reach for your guitar? Harris I don’t really have any one particular method. But I always have a guitar to inspire me, and the open tunings had a lot to do with this record. Daniel Lanois showed me an open-A tuning that is present a lot on Red Dirt Girl: A A A E A A.
  23. He uses the tuning DADF#BE alot.I believe it's a D6 tuning.I've read about it Guitar World Acoustic and just recently on Paste Magazine's website.
  24. In that picture of the 3 guitars by the fire place,what make,model and year are those? Thanks and very very cool pictures!
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