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  1. Was listening to the Austin Demo version of Via Chicago today...that song has went thru many changes, but still as good as it gets
  2. Love that intro, I actually didn’t know what song it was going to be, sounds great!
  3. Loves me some Bill Evans, could listen to Peace Piece on repeat for days...
  4. http://www.talkhouse.com/mc-taylor-hiss-golden-messenger-time-death-ryan-adams-newest-record/ An interesting review by MC Taylor, not much about the new record, but a pretty great read.
  5. Great records, my favorite Kanye album by far
  6. MayonnaiseTo Forgive The Aeroplane Flies High Spaceboy Soma Love the intro on Mayonnaise, also like Oasis and Radiohead from this era, some of their B-sides were way better than the album tracks
  7. Oasis Fade In-Out Talk Tonight Magic Pie Cast No Shadow Born On A Different Cloud Soundgarden Superunknown Slaves & Bulldozers 4th of July Blow Up the Outside World Rusty Cage The Verve Weeping Willow So Sister On Your Own Bittersweet Symphony Come On
  8. The Byrds Eight Miles High Set You Free This Time Draft Morning You Ain't Going Nowhere My Back Pages That was ridiculously difficult...and thanks a lot, I will now be listening to The Byrds constantly for the next week!
  9. The version from the Imagine film is really brutal, early takes when Lennon is teaching the song to the band in the studio, including George. I guess we can see whose side he was on.
  10. Guster Homecoming King Amsterdam Jesus and Mary Ruby Falls Satellite
  11. I like the songs on the S/T more, but dig this album more, to me Malkmus is such an underrated guitarist.
  12. Urge Overkill Bottle of Fur Positive Bleeding The Mistake Sister Havana View of the Rain Saw them open for PJ in '93 maybe, only have two of their records, but Bottle of Fur always ends up on my random playlists
  13. Sloan Autobiography Seems So Heavy Deeper Than Beauty Stand By Me, Yeah Don't You Believe A Word
  14. Tweedy Fake Fur Coat Where My Love Everyone Hides Slow Love Nobody Dies Anymore Stephen Malkmus Pink India Us J Smoov Trojan Curfew The Hook Josh Ritter Thin Blue Flame The Curse In The Dark Monster Ballads Bone of Song John Lennon Isolation God How Do You Sleep? Jealous Guy Working Class Hero
  15. Josh Ritter - hopefully, right now he is on tour playing new songs Neil Finn, Crowded House, Finn Brothers-I know he is in the studio working on songs, haven't heard what project
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