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  1. Bombs Above is the best song I've ever heard. Edit: I'm not joking.
  2. The three it was between for me were Slow Love, Pigeons and Low Key...but damn, what a great album...I could see any of these songs as my future favorite. I ultimately went with Low Key...but close...
  3. Hey all...I haven't posted here for years. I am completely blown away by this album though and felt like I needed to yell it out to people who may understand... I think this is his best work since YHF. I said it. Unbelievable set of songs, all of them amazing...the songwriting is freaking amazing. Even though it maybe does not sound like it, it gives me the FEEL of Being There..Summerteeth...the nostalgic..poppy..folksy sounds (with some darkness in between the lines) that I have missed for so long... Anyway, I think this album is the real deal, good job Tweedy. Can't get enough of it.
  4. I think it is a below average release for them, but everything they had put out until now has been great... There are a couple of amazing tracks on this one, and the album starts off strong...but there are just one too many forgettable tracks here. Turning the Century is an amazing song though...my favorite on the album. I really don't like Heavy Light, Big Girl, Warrior Man, and Do the Trick...they don't really bring anything new to the table and are kind of bland in my opinion. 'That Old Black Hole', 'Over Here, Over There', and 'Turning the Century' are the standouts for me so far..
  5. Perfect From Now On - Built to Spill Feels - Animal Collective Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Wilco andddd.... Soup - Blind Melon
  6. man i struggle with these guys....i have tried twice now, and I just can't do it, I can't get into them... damn.
  7. I hate doing this, and I apologize because I know a lot of you guys don't like to compare this type of shit. But both songs are fantastic, and I think they are similar. I asked a few of my friends and it was pretty much split, and I wanted to see what the forum likes better. if i HAD to choose, Id go Kamera.
  8. I feel like everybody's first three should be YHF, BT, and ST no matter what, in no particular order. mine: YHF ST BT aGIB AM Wilco SBS
  9. !!!! haha that's pretty funny different strokes for different folks.
  10. hm, for me it goes Easy Beat>We All Belong>Shame, Shame>Fate Mirror Mirror>Unbearable why>Where'd ALl the time go>Stranger>Only wear blue>someday>Station>Shame,Shame>Later>Shadow People>Jackie Wants a Black Eye Jackie is the only song I really don't care for.
  11. It has really grown on me. i love it.
  12. 1. First Concert, when? Not sure...either phish or dmb...hard to remember 2. First Concert you really wanted to go to and did? Phish in 2004 3. Favorite Band? Ween 4. How Many Times have you seen them? 12 i think 5. Worst concert you attended? I have seen a few shitty local bands 6. Favorite? Ween either hampton beach 2007 or calvin theater 2007 7. Band you have seen the most? Ween 8. How many times? 12 9. Furthest you drove for a concert? How far? boston to buffalo. ween. 10. Furthest locale from home you have seen a concert? same as 9 11. How many concerts have you seen
  13. sounds good, still getting into it. I love them. Mirror Mirror is so catchy, too good.
  14. Am a little over halfway through this and I love it...
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