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    Keepin' it rural in Kansas
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    My big dude and my little dude. Music...always the music: Wilco, Finn projects (Crowded House, Split Enz), Calexico, The Arcade Fire, Rosanne Cash, Old Crow Medicine Show, Neko Case...classics like Johnny Cash...Otis Redding...and more. Traveling...meeting new people and seeing new places. Mountains and oceans. Prairies and deserts. Noticing nature and color everywhere. Dragonflies. Creatures and flora. Making jewelry. New Zealand/Australia, U.K., and Canada. T.V. that makes me laugh or think (The Daily Show, The Office). Reading. Communicating. Other stuff...
  1. Thanks you guys! (Guess it pays to check in every once in awhile!) (belated) to you Analogman!!
  2. Happy, happy birfday!! Hope it's the swellest, beeriest ever!
  3. I am half blind, but am I missing the Chicago/Iowa dates on their website...or are they listed somewheres else? http://www.theavettbrothers.com/site.php?content=tour Please disregard this "duh" moment.
  4. Happy, !! Wishing you better than great things this year!
  5. Happy, happy day from one to another! Hope you have a great week!
  6. Yay, sweater vest! Thanks for sharing...sounds wonderful. I do hope Jamie is doing better...poor kid. I love both of the posters...what perfect designs.
  7. for gratuitous cloud formations, bourbon trailing, and emoticon whoring!! (Keep up the good work, VC!) I had a nice birthday that included some very spring-like weather (wtf?!), Kansas sugar cookies, a cuddly stuffed koala bear, and the adoption of a real live koala bear who lives in NSW named Bonny Willy! Thanks to youse guyses for making it that much nicer! You rock! xoxo, Cloudygirl P.S. to turtlegirl's Pop!
  8. It's your ...your first day on earth day! Wishing the very best for the year ahead...may it be filled with all the wonderful things you deserve ...love, happiness...and lots o'cake! Loads of love from me and mine!!!
  9. Wishing you a warm (!!), peaceful, beautiful year ahead dear Chris! Oh, and plenty of time for rum! P.S. You are well loved in our corner of the world...boys send their wishes as well! xoxo
  10. This morning on the way to drop my kiddo off at school I heard a solo violin playing a familiar song during the local weather (NPR/Morning Edition)...and realized it was Summerteeth.
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