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  1. I was about 25 "rows" back on the GA floor and from where I was standing Wilco seemed to get a really good reception from the crowd. Lots of fan reactions after a stellar guitar solo or a Tweedy lyric flub ... they had the audiences attention and held it through their entire set. I'll second the fact that they definitely won over some new fans with their short but sweet performance.
  2. that's a great Dead analogy! Donna could really make or break a show in her day.
  3. I came across this today and wanted to get your opinions on the show. The write up on the site makes it sound like the show is unlistenable, but I don't quite hear the tension myself. The recording is quite good so hopefully it'll serve some of you well. Cheers!
  4. Walken is my favorite of the new stuff ... but from the list I'd say Impossible Germany, it's constantly running through my head during the day.
  5. Just curious, did your recording turn out alright?
  6. Here it is, enjoy! Walk On - J Tweedy
  7. Thank you Boots!!!! You've made a Monday morning worth being awake for. Cheers!
  8. I was sitting two rows back from a guy taping (approx 10 rows back, dead center). There were a few screamers in the area so hopefully the recording turns out well and is shared. For being my first Wilco show I was totally impressed with how tight the guys sounded (it's one thing to hear it on a live disc, another to experience for yourself as I'm sure you all know). Nils is a mad man, the guy doesn't miss a beat and leaves it all on the stage . And Jeff moved around quite a bit for a guy with a cast on his right foot and was pretty chatty (more than I expected). The sound in that tiny
  9. nevermind... after looking for a few minutes I found it.
  10. Does anyone have a picture of this tractor poster? I'd love to see it.
  11. Thanks for the info. I'm heading to Fredericton tonight for the show, should be a good one in a great venue.
  12. Wow, that Montreal recording is sweet! Thanks for the links cheers
  13. Just a quick question for those who have attended a show on the current Canadian tour. Is there a merch booth? If so, what are the fellas selling? Vinyl, Cd's, t-shirts, gigposters? Just curious Cheers!
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