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  1. Boy it's been a minute. I haven't been on here in probably a decade. Probably longer. Had some great times doing The DVD Project way back then. Mailed out thousands of DVDs to countries all over the world! Met lots of folks and always enjoyed it, too. Ended up taking film classes and starting my own music sessions series. Even had Jeff Tweedy himself on! So many great times working over the years and that really was the peak of it all! I hope all of the old VC folks are doing well these days!
  2. Very long time since I've been on VC and thought I'd chime in. With the utmost gratitude to the Wilco family (you know who you are!), me and my family made it to this show. Ran into SarahC and her husband walking down the street in Atlanta, which was a real treat! Then talked to Paul and Vince in line for a few minutes. Good seeing you guys! Sorry I couldn't stick around longer. Back problems! I don't know how many times I've seen Wilco. Not a clue. But I'd put this show down as one of my favorites so far! Sounded amazing! All the new songs were as good or better in concert than they were on
  3. I was laying in a hospital a few months ago contemplating my life. Lots of things ran through my mind. One of them was how much music had meant to me all through my life. My dad played guitar a lot and music was part of our everyday lives growing up. When I was old enough, I attended as many concerts as I could afford. Saw some amazing shows! Somewhere along the way, I met my wife at a REM concert in the mid 90's. They were one of the first bands that really connected with me and I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for what they did for me. Not too long after, I saw Wilco for the first ti
  4. It'd been a while since I've seen Wilco, but this was my 37th show and my daughter's first. She was really excited to see Wilco in concert for the first time. We were at stage left about half way up the pavilion, and it sounded muddy as hell. Every band sounded muddy from our seats. Every song sounded muddy. It was a little disappointing but it seemed like a great show. I liked the set list a lot. We were generally surrounded by people who were just there to hang out with friends and drink. The people in front of us spent Wilco's set with their backs to the band facing us while they look
  5. I recorded this and it actually looks quite good for a webcast. Will make a DVD in the next week or so.
  6. They're on Volume 41, one of the compilation discs.
  7. JHamm

    Farm Aid

    If anyone with Direct TV can record this for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. PM me if possible.
  8. Quick hello to Sarah! Was good to say hi again after all these years!! My 36th show, I believe. First in almost a year though. My personal highlights were Casino Queen, Laminated Cat, and One Wing. Really enjoyed the show as a whole and wish it hadn't been so long since I last saw them play. Was a wonderful ending to a bad day.
  9. Wilco is going to be featured on a new episode of Rockpalast on January 25th. For those of you who can watch it (and speak German), here's a link with more info.
  10. My memory is a bit hazy, but I seem to remember the policy was in place so the band wasn't playing in front of hundreds of video cameras. There seemed to be a sense something like that would happen if there wasn't a policy, along with selling copies of the shows themselves. But, again, my memory isn't what it used to be.
  11. I'm around. Just not very often. If you have any questions, just send me an email. Always happy to help out.
  12. Didn't know anything about it. If someone recorded it, let me know.
  13. I can't seem to record the streaming video at all, so I'd really love to get a copy from someone. If anyone can record this for me, PM me and give me a heads up. I'd be happy to trade for it.
  14. Bump... If anyone can record this, would be hugely appreciated. PM me if possible.
  15. D'oh!! I meant to say DirectTV. I've got cable, so I'm still out of luck.
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