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  1. Well that explains it, worldrecordplayer. I saw a rig too and assumed this was him.
  2. Does anyone know if Bob taped this show? Or any taping? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Cam for the tips! Coming from Central Maine to rock the State. We will make this a rowdy wednesday show!
  4. I am assuming there will be a Retribution Gospel and separate Low shows with the EP featuring Nels. Would love to see: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Debo Band Tinariwen Woods Deep Dark Woods Jim James or Carl Bromel Malkmus Antibalas Ebo Taylor
  5. Looked like a great show peeps! Please post the Globe article so we don't have to sign up for useless shit tracking, Globe sucks BTW. Encore was bombah...
  6. Malk is the shit...he is just such a slacker you never know what show you will get.
  7. I am from Maine as well and was walking around that day they tweeted being in Portland! No sightings though, I always keep an eye out on that place everyone gets their masters there. Even Jim James from MMJ talked about his love for Portland, mastering music and reviewing while on drives through the Maine landscape. Bob Ludwig is perhaps the most important person in the music industry, the only reason I say this is because of his clientel. He masters the best music.
  8. Great show set in a great town and played in great theater. We were first balcony middle 4 back and had trouble seeing Jeff, but we could hear him very well. We all remarked at how dim the lighting was, not much more than in my living room, but thats how he likes it I guess. I felt he started off very well with VC and the bed into a surprising IATTBYH in its typical position for a Wilco setlist. Black eye, Solitaire, Muzzle, Hummingbird, the greats, P-side and Loose fur hits were all massive highlights for me. I thought the setlist petered a bit cause I "prefer the more experimental earlier stuff"! I thought it was a tad heavy on Wilco the album though. I will tell you I love that new white guitar of his, it sounds amazing and better without the mic. Poster was lacking any art, sorry I like pictures not words. Words get old and twisted, pictures do not. Very good times, no paul from what I could see. Looking forward to setting sail on the SS2!
  9. Looks like a great setlist, I hope we get something like that in Portland. Was there a show poster for the at all?
  10. Yeah, thats right! Glad you saw it!
  11. I read recently here that Wilco had made a video which aired on palladium or mtv at one point. Well, while I was looking for that and laid-up with a broken foot I came across a Summerteeth circa and later short perfromance compilation from Joolz Holland on On-Demand for Comcast in the Northeast. In the music section under all live shows, Wilco is in the last category. It starts with classic old school Wilco with the original line-up I think and finishes with Glenn on drums and no Bennett I believe which appears to be post YHF. I have no way of recording it unfortunately.
  12. I found it in my junk mail folder randomly. I hope they come soon!
  13. Anyone know if this T-shirt swap is going to happen? Its been a couple weeks and haven't seen anything yet. Its nice of them to do it, just curious where they are since mine are now rags.
  14. Did anyone pick up the poster they were printing upstairs in the demo? He said they were giving them away at certain points during the weekend. I never got one and would love to buy one, I did sign up on the printers (forgot his name) email list. Any links would be helpful.
  15. I think the Historic valley and Windsor lakes campgrounds are one in the same but they are two distinct town parks, oh well. I hear ya Fax, wish they were running the shuttles to all campgrounds including Clarksburg, who knows, maybe they will if aware of how many people are staying at these places. I figure at least half the campers will be for Wilco, if not, why the hell else? So pumped...
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