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  1. I suppose I come on this forum hoping there are like-minded indviduals who value and respect Wilco and the music. And also hope for interesting discussion or debate. When I see a nonobjective willingness to condone whatever is presented, I find it disappointing and realize I'm probably not in the right place. Nuff said, over and out, roger, ....
  2. Fair, but how much did bands get from record proceeds before the web? Not a lot, Wilco has always made no bones about touring being their bread and butter. And I hope they would never charge ridiculous fees to their shows, but those bands charge that cause people will pay it....My point was I accept the selling out - it's really their business what they do with their music - but for fans to rave about it, like it's a great thing, I just don't understand.
  3. Hurl....You can't help to have mixed feelings about this. At least I can't. I understand money is important, and it's not like they're popping any cherries selling out to Sprint, but it's still a sell out. In a perfect world, my favorite bands wouldn't allow their music for commercialism because it's obviously not what the music is about. I can feel kind of indifferent about it, but all the "oh, cool" comments make me feel sick and smack of arse kissing.
  4. Makes me think of the UK's common practice of showing affection through 'bottling.' Wonder how that would go over.. 2:04
  5. I heard him say that (Could be worse) in Asheville and I was wondering what the heck he meant! I took it kind of negatively, made me wonder.....I had a couple of "OMG, it's Syd" moments with the banter, so now I know it's the Wilco motto.
  6. I didn't feel that from the band (having a blast). And the banter last night was "interesting." Really enjoyed Sad and Lonely and She's a Jar. Pretty damn cool with the internet requests. Who else does that? Thank you Wilco.
  7. I have been waiting on this as well. When I saw this:" P.S. - June tour announcements starting next week. Check the site." on 3-27-09, I thought we would see some dates before this weekend. Oh well, they'll be coming.
  8. Great show tonight, but different. I came in at 7:40, Bon Inver came on at 7:45 and the place was not even 1/8 full. Later Jeff commented that now he knew where everyone was (getting drunk!). Wasted crowd, but great setlist. Forget the Flowers, Monday, Can't stand it, and Pieholden Suite, I believe. Funny highlights: a guy on the front row wearing a Saturday Night Live T shirt (comments on that decision), Guy with the homemade T shirt with a Tweedy portrait that Jeff brought on stage, said he looked the Geico guy. Great show, hope Carey is even better!
  9. mascis


    Yeah, where's the argyles!? I've never seen the "grabbing hair" theatrics with "keep my mind outa this" lyrics. Funny.
  10. I dunno. I saw them in Charlotte and Charlottesville last year and it was definitely not an issue. I bought tickets for Charlottesville at the door and drinking before the show, the locals were asking me who the hell Wilco was and they're playing 2 doors down.??? Something changed as of late. Probably the Grammys and SBS at Starbucks. I'm just mad I may miss the show!!
  11. In the good ole US. Did I miss the threads, or did I miss something else? I spend too much time on the computer at work, I'v e never really spent that much time on the forum.
  12. I haven't been on the forum much, but I did a search to see if this has been discussed and couldn't find anything (granted my search skills may be shoddy from lack of). I've seen Wilco play about 8 X and Tweedy 3 X in the past couple of years and I've never had an issue getting tickets. When I missed the pre-sale for Charleston, I wouldn't settle for balcony seating and figured I'd find good seats on Cragislist close to the show date. That is not looking too promising. Balcony seats selling for over a $100 on ebay??? What the hell is going on? I guess those VW ads did the trick.... I gu
  13. What an awesome show!! Does anybody have the show recorded for non-torrent friendly fans?
  14. I just went to Wilco World checking the "shows," once again. Hope to see some south east coast love in November/December!
  15. He's not a smackhead: probably prescription painkillers.
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