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  1. Because Jeff feels like family to me. It's ridiculous, I know, to feel that way about a man I don't have a real relationship with, but I do feel that connection to him - or his public persona, at least. When I was in high school, Jeff was the soundtrack to cutting out early to make out with my crush. He was the first dance at my wedding and the music I turned to in my divorce. Wherever I was in life, Jeff's music was there in some form. I don't know the guy at all, but his music has meant a great deal to me and to others. That's why we take it personally. He's enriched my life more
  2. The free surprise release was also completely awesome. What's the most efficient way to support the band? Buying the record in August is the most direct way, but I've always wondered if the band would be better off if I spent my money a different way (merch, tickets, etc.).
  3. I like this album more on each listen. Still not sold on "The Joke Explained" and to some extent "King of You", but everything else keeps growing on me. Reminds me of Sky Blue Sky in that regard. Being There, Summerteeth, and YHF all blew me away on the first listen - YHF in particular - but Sky Blue Sky I initially was disappointed in but now love. I doubt anything will ever top the Being There to A Ghost Is Born run for me - partly because those are fucking amazing records, partly the timing of when I heard them in my life - but I'm really, really happy Wilco released this record. It
  4. Minus Jeff and John, it's a completely different set of musicians who play the early Wilco songs nightly. I'd like to think that a little of Jay's influence found its way into the next generation.
  5. Is the data on setlist.fm now?
  6. Many years ago - pre-sinus surgery/AGIB - I heard Jeff comment that it was difficult for him to sing "Box Full Of Letters" in the recorded key. Given that this was probably less than five years after he wrote and recorded it, I doubt his voice had changed dramatically. I think that some of the songs are just easier for him to sing in a different key. Sing it five hundred times live, and it's probably enough to make you consider a change. His vocals definitely did change after the surgery though. I'm not sure if it affected his range, but the tone became less nasally.
  7. The rabbit ears just needed a little adjusting. I take payment in gold bullion.
  8. Hey, gang. By popular request, I've added a mobile web interface to So Out Of Tune. The url is the same (http://www.sooutoftune.org), but it should be easier to navigate on your phone. For those who give it a try, let me know how it works. In particular, this update is designed for phones, not tablets, so if neither the mobile nor desktop layout suits your iPad, drop me a message. One more thing: if you have any Wilco or Wilco-related shows that aren't available on the site, I'd love to add them. PM me if you're willing to share.
  9. I have a Seagull S6, and I highly recommend it. Absolutely my favorite guitar in that price range.
  10. The band struggled a bit live after Jay got the boot. I remember watching him alternate between guitar and multiple keyboards on the same song; it was almost like replacing multiple musicians. In the aftermath, Leroy was fine but couldn't replace him and it often felt like Jeff was trying to do too much on stage. They found their stride again in 2004 in a big way.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Charlie, I suspect the issue you're seeing is because the audio isn't buffering correctly; it could be the internet connection, my server, or some combination of the two. I'll try to recreate and see if I can improve it. I'll begin work on a mobile interface in the near future.
  12. Hey, gang. Just wanted to let everyone know that new 2012 shows are going up on So Out Of Tune. We took a longer than anticipated hiatus to sort out some technical back end challenges to allow us to expand our library, and that's in place now. We have a number of older shows queued up to be added as well. If there are specific shows or features you'd like to see added (mobile support? new show notifications?), shoot me an email at info@sooutoftune.org or post in thread.
  13. Newbie question here. In Monday, Jeff is playing (I believe) a G chord during the verses, for the most part. But he isn't playing the standard third fret barre chord; he's doing some sort of hammer on with his pinkie. I haven't found a good enough view on YouTube for my beginner eyes to figure it out exactly, and I haven't seen a tab spell it out for me. And noodling failed me as well. Can anyone enlighten me as to exactly what he's playing there? TIA
  14. Talking about Jeff's hair is only an invasion of his privacy if we are discussing what it looks like when hidden by a hat, which is not the case here. I may, however, start another thread wherein we discuss the merits of the various hats worn by Jeff over the years. I kinda dug the mid-90s cowboy hat, myself. The more I think about this, the more factors I think we need to consider. Is he indoors or out? Professional photo or tv appearance? Humidity? Has he been sweating? Wind conditions? How hard/soft was the water used to wash it? How often does he wash it? Conditioner? Noogies?
  15. Perhaps I need to put together a photographic timeline of Jeff's hair and see if it truly was a gradual change over time. Is there a Wilco photo archive?
  16. Not really, but if I ever meet Jeff, I'll probably ask him.
  17. I know this topic has probably been discussed ad nauseum over the years, but I ask you to humor me today. Back in the early to mid-90s, Jeff had long, straight hair. He cut if off somewhere around Summerteeth, but a few years back grew it out again to the flowing mane he now has. If you look at the 90s version, it was very, very straight. But when I see him now, it's often got a noticeable degree of curve or waviness to it. Do we have any hair stylists who can explain how he does it? We're pretty sure his hair is naturally straight, right? So why isn't it straight now? Is he using p
  18. FYI - I have a few Tweedy shows up with more on the way.
  19. Some potentially good news for those who have been unable to access the site. I discovered that my web host was missing some DNS records that would prevent web browsers from being able to properly look up the site address, and they corrected this last night. I recreated the issue myself, and I saw it resolved afterward. However, this change has to be copied to every ISP's servers, which can take days, depending on how often they update their records. I expect everyone will be able to use the site within a week. Let me know if you continue to experience issues. WilcoMe - Sadly, I don't
  20. I apologize for not replying sooner, but it's been one of those weeks. First, thanks to everyone trying out the site and providing feedback, good, bad, and ugly. The intermittent issues appear to be DNS-related, not due to which browser you're using. I haven't been able to recreate it myself, so troubleshooting has been slowing going. I am still working on it, however, and will keep you guys updated. I'll be adding more shows to the site. If you have any requests, let me know and I can put those up first if I have them.
  21. FYI, it sounds like there are some DNS address issues for some people. I suspect that because I just set up the domain not all of the DNS address servers have updated their records with it yet. If you're getting no response at all, this should resolve itself within a few days at most.
  22. Can you email a screenshot to info@sooutoftune.org?
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