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  1. I thought we could start a thread on the rogues gallery of vintage amps. You know the type: little underdog brands, beat up and dusty, weird circuits, crazy looks, serious mojo, devoted cult followings, and increasing value on the collecting market. A lot of them were cheap back in the day, some of them were not. A lot sound fantastic! Let's talk about them! This was my first vintage amp: It's a 1960 Valco-made Supro Super 1606. That's right, the same amp that Tweedy used for AGIB's insane lead tones. It has one knob (that's also the on/off switch), and achieves nastiness pretty quickly (
  2. And there's that Morley A/B switch... I don't recall him ever having one of those before. Then again, I don't recall seeing how exactly he split is signal between two amps before, either.
  3. Hey everybody! I feel like there is a lot of attention given to Nels and his pedals (rightly so!), but often not a whole lot given to Mr. Tweedy's fx rig (unrightly so!). Personally, I like Jeff's playing and tones even more than Nels', and am constantly searching for more info on his setup. I found this picture of JT's more-recent pedal-board (I think it's from the Whole Love Tour), but I'm not sure), and thought we could play a round of Name-That-Pedal!
  4. A pic of my aforementioned pedal rig: ALSO! A recent acquisition: 1960 Supro Super 1606 I believe a certain Mr. Tweedy has one of these babies, and used it extensively on A Ghost Is Born. It sounds amazing. Basically in mint coniditon except for that little wear on the corner there. It has the ORIGINAL TUBES from 1960, and they sound strangely incredible.
  5. I like it a lot. The feedback switch is especially awesome.
  6. Yes, yes I do. But hey, I use it all regularly! That counts for something... Right? Right? I can quit any time I want...
  7. Obviously there are some strong influences on my rig other than Wilco, but they are pretty much the main guiding light. I have a lot of things that can get me into both Jeff's and Nels' sonic territory: Electric Guitars: Fender Jazzmaster (Elvis Costello signature model w/ Mastery Bridge) Gibson ES-335 Satin Finish Reissue Gibson Les Paul Classic Fender MIM Telecaster Jerry Jones Neptune 12-string Schecter Ultra-III Acoustic Guitars: Gibson Advanced Jumbo Reissue (w/ LR Baggs M1 pickup) Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Cutaway Effects: Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer Eventide Pitchfactor (with E
  8. I have only played it through my PA, which may definitely be the problem. Sometimes the simplest (and seemingly most obvious) answer is the best. Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, The recent postings about acoustic pickups prompted me to ask y'all for some advice regarding an LR Baggs M1A I have installed in my beautiful Gibson Advanced Jumbo reissue. Basically, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tonal quality of the pickup and the overall sound about 80% of the time. I really want to stick with it. But sometimes when I strum too hard (even without a pick) I get some pretty serious chunky distortion. This distortion is present with all the strings pretty much, but especially so with the lower-pitched ones. I've tried adjusting the poles a little, actually going
  10. i would also love a PM. Bought the vinyl yesterday at my favorite local(ish) record store, the great Sound Garden of Baltimore, MD! Thanks in advance!
  11. this is really sad. although i do not have any of his solo material, and found his personality (at least onscreen) grating, i recognize the huge impact he had on my favorite music from my favorite band. RIP Jay.
  12. I've now listened to the whole thing, and I have to say that I really love it. I will wait a while to see if any of the excitement and affection washes away, but somehow i doubt it will. I think everyone's made good points, and I can see where y'all are coming from, even if I don't agree with you. To me, this album seems simultaneously a culmination and incorporation of their career so far, and also kinda unlike anything they've ever achieved before. There's a real respect for and exhibition of tonal nuance throughout the whole thing (see: One Wing, which was, in my opinion, a lesser song
  13. im sorry, but i'm too excited to read through all these 3 pages to see if im repeating anything. so i apologize if i am. I am currently at Bull Black Nova. And I am in love with this record already. Did anyone else kinda expect this to be SBS II? Not that i don't like SBS... but i think its pretty much agreed to not be Wilco's finest effort. Early previews led me to assume in that direction, but I am so glad that everything I've read so far has pretty much been off-base. Every move they've made so far on this record has been wonderful. I look forward to digesting is even more in we
  15. assuming someone does send it to me, i will definitely buy it anyway. i am a HUGE fan of physical media, and having got my first turntable of my very own last year, have turned into a giant vinyl fan. Cant wait to see that camel on the good ole 12 3/4 x 12 3/4. Might even buy the CD too...
  16. OH MY GOD pleeeease magicsam88@aol.com i will love you forever, and spread the love to others!
  17. stop thinking about it. put the issue (not necessarily the guitar) aside, and read a book. or go hike a mountain or watch a movie or something. songwriting cant just come out of nowhere. you have to have life experiences to feed the creative juices. so go out and lead a fun, interesting life (not saying you dont already). maybe explore some other artistic outlets. songs come from the weirdest places, and when they want to, they WILL come. you'll get thru it!
  18. im gonna break the mold here a little and endorse a digital recording console setup. the Boss/Roland models are great. I have a 16-track, but there are many to choose from. They are suberb, user-friendly, and (in a good way) humbling. If anything, i think the "limitations" of mine have forced me to think outside the box and come up with a more creative product than i would have produced with something like a computer. you can get one of these puppies for relatively cheap new, or find em from a reputable source on ebay or something. best of luck, and hopefully we'll hear something from you r
  19. 1. i believe he's referring to his Flying V, as shown in the Wilco Book. and oh what a midlife crisis guitar it is indeed! 2. I think he's pretty much got it covered.
  20. i hear CD Baby is pretty good for that, although i dont have any personal experience.
  21. Hey'all I'm guessing that us here at VC are a fan of the noise. We all know that Wilco are some of the best noisemakers around. Sooo as a fun little exploration, I thought it might be cool for us to name some of our personal favorite noise-makin' devices (if you're into that kinda thing). Mine: FM3 Buddha Machine Kaoss Pad AM Radio (hopefully broken) How about you, neighbor?
  22. thanks for all the great suggestions, guys... but i think i found what im looking for. and its the perfect size for KP2s too! check it out here, if you are having any of the same issues i am...
  23. yeah i used to use it at gigs 2 years ago, but i just rested on top of my amp then. now i want to step up its involvement in our sound. it is difficult, but i think i can probably do it if i put my mind to it the 2-way clamp seems like a good idea. i also found this thing: proel mic stand tray http://www.djmmusic.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=RS...amp;eq=&Tp= but i cant find anywhere in the US that sells it.
  24. Okay... lemme see if i can explain. I have a KP2 Kaoss Pad that been broken for about 2 years. I'm finally getting it fixed, and want to find a way to incorporate it into my band's live show. Here's the problem: i have no good way of putting it within reach. I am the lead singer, sometimes lead guitarist, and I need it to be very close without being in the way of general mobility or me reaching my pedalboard. it being on top of my amp or on the floor or something would not really work. i was thinking that putting some kind of music-stand style desk or surface on a mic boom stand would
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