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  1. can someone confirm how these rips sound? if they're anything as good as the mp3s that cars posted in the other thread, I'm a very happy man right now
  2. I could go for some poor places right now
  3. I'm a lurker, not a poster in general. I just have to say: hot damn.
  4. I've been eagerly looking forward to this recording since the day after the show, reading that thread and just being blown away by the track list. Last years' show at S n' S is one of my favorite live recordings ever, I'm sure this one is going to be the same. Thanks so much for all your hard work, ckc!
  5. Hahaha, you do remember that this album still hasn't been officially released, right! I always see Pitchfork reviews as well-written personal opinions by people who know a lot about music, not as objective reviews. They're helpful usually to help me get some sense of an album (as long as I don't take it too seriously), but I want an honest, good assessment, I go to allmusic
  6. As far as I can tell, the Bataclan website doesn't have any performer listed for May 29th-- for whatever reason, I think they just haven't announced it yet. I'm incredibly pumped to go to that show while I'm visiting Paris, though.
  7. Yeah Scott McCaughey's pretty good too
  8. Sounds like an incredible time. I feel like a stupid newbie asking, but what exactly are these basement shows? I've got last year's "Live at Hotel S n' S" show on my hard drive (and I absolutely adore it); from what I can gather, it's an annual fund raiser for a charity called "Letters to Santa" in somebody's basement? And the audience consists solely of friends of the band, or perhaps tickets are auctioned off? Forgive my confusion! Also, if the tapes of at least part of this years show (which looked incredible) were ever salvaged, I'd love to hear them! Edit: Never mind, some quick
  9. My two cents: De Stijl>Get Behind Me Satan>Elephant>White Stripes>White Blood Cells I'm a huge stripes fan, in my humble opinion, they're the only modern band that rivals Wilco in terms of talent. Also, Under Blackpool Lights was the shit, and those who doubt their talent should watch the following video from their stint as house band on Conan O'Brien: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Y6WVD3PqeNY Make sure to watch through to the end.
  10. Jeff and family, my prayers are with you. Nick
  11. That would be my younger, somewhat more immature brother. After that [great] bit, he kept his mouth shut, except when Jeff talked to him a few more times. Best concert I've been to for quite some time, and it's definitely an experience my brother and I won't forget!
  12. I'm another gigantic Todd Snider fan, I grabbed the album a few months ago (it was on iTunes early). It definitely grows on you, I thought it was too much country for me at first, and that the lyrics weren't up to par, but repeated listens have proved me wrong. If you haven't gotten "Near Truths and Hotel Rooms" yet, his live album, then go out and get it right now.
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