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  1. Well, technically, Pat would be Jonny Greenwood considering the amazing string sections he's writing.
  2. Loving "Capitol City"!; they pulled a "Beth/Rest" in that they took something that on surface level was critical-mass cheese factor and made it absolutely awesome.
  3. Sort of disappointed in "Open Mind"; loved the solo version that's been floating around. Was hoping for some sort of "Patient With Me" treatment or something; I shouldn't be making expectations, but considering the amazing acoustic arrangements on songs like "Black Moon", "Rising Red Lung", and "One Sunday Morning", I'm surprised they went with the sort of SBS/W(TA) autopilot arrangement for this song. A minor complaint though. Everything else is just gold.
  4. Ok, I was about to write a big-ass rant defending Wilco (The Album), but "The Whole Love" is pretty much negating whatever points I was going to make. Carry on.
  5. As a big "In Rainbows" fan, I naturally hated this album at first, because it kind of is the antithesis. I guess I'm simply going to have to go with the whole "I listened to it a couple dozen times before it set in" thing. Which, can be a bit demanding and excessive for an album. But I think an album that can reward patience, and potentially transform my idea of music will always be a better value than one that does a great job of adhering to my expectations and wears itself out. A lot of the album is enjoyable to me in the same way Kraftwerk, 'Ege Bamyasi'-era Can, or songs like Kidsmoke and
  6. "Bull Black Nova". Although I guess that would qualify as a great Television solo. Which is why it's such a good solo! And "You Are My Face". The best Jeff Tweedy solo not actually done by Jeff Tweedy!
  7. Still thought the LP outro was pretty good. Nels' solo was amazing. I just think of Bull Black Nova being the rock-tastic coda.
  8. I also concur that this review was spot-on. The AGiB review's central thesis was "This isn't YHF!" and SBS's was "This is Dad Rock, and Dad Rock is very bad."
  9. They played "Veckatimest" by Grizzly Bear in Borders. And for some reason, hearing it in public made the album a lot more enjoyable for me.
  10. For some reason, I love "I can't calm down, I can't think," both in Tweedy's expression, and the point of tension in the music at that point in time. Also, the Television-esque breakdown around 1:40ish - 2:10ish is so delicious in every way imaginable.
  11. The similarities would have to be "One Wing", "Everlasting", and "My Country Has Disappeared", but even those have a lot of distance from their SBS counterparts.
  12. 1) Wilco The Song: I loved Nels' lead. It's somewhat random, but it seems to seamlessly fit in. Loved the harmonies in bells in the bridge! I don't know why they had to dial it down so much on the album compared with the Colbert Report version. 2) Deeper Down: Kind of like "Faust Arp" on "In Rainbows". An intriguing deviation. I won't call it my favorite song, but it's one of the more rewarding listens. I love Nels' baroque breakdown! 3) One Wing: For some reason, I find the songwriting very weak. Makes me appreciate "Impossible Germany" a lot more. Preferred the live version; they had a n
  13. Thirded. The small things like the feedback in W(TS), the backwards outro in You & I, and the outro for Everlasting made a helluva lot of difference.
  14. This post nailed it. Lock the thread, Mods.
  15. I still yearn and pine for a Jim O'Rourke album. This album feels like something Phil Spector produced, and then thirty years later, they went back and tried to remove Spector's touch. That being said, as a whole, I think it's got some of Tweedy's best songwriting, and I think this puts to rest the debate about Jay being needed to bring in the melody.
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