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  1. I love it. I won't compare it to their past stuff because it's, frankly, pointless. I'm just happy to have another cathartic record in the stable of a band that I adore. But I will say that as a bass player, and ESPECIALLY as a bass player that doesn't have a real job and counts touring with his band as his only income, this record scares the daylights out of me. John kind of makes it pointless as hell for the rest of us to even try.
  2. I'm 17, and all of my friends know who Wilco is....because of me....and they still don't like them....and I still think they're all crazy Actually, I completely get why people don't like Wilco. I mean...it's not exactly the easiest thing to latch on to. I think it takes a certain relationship with music as a whole for you to really develop a relationship with Wilco. I don't want to go as far as to say that some people don't have the depth to "get" or "understand" Wilco, because many of my friends, who are brilliant people in my opinion, just don't like them. I think you just have to be some
  3. Every Little Recordlabel I'm The Man Who Loves Your Records ...Impossible Germarecords? Yeah, I'm out.
  4. Kamera in Outback Steakhouse. I noticed it while our waiter was there, and it sparked a conversation. Turns out he got into Wilco a few months ago, and according to him "They play like three songs from Yankee, it's the only decent music on the list, and it often gets me through my shift."
  5. I never noticed the lack of verb on AGIB until just now. THANK you for explaining why that record sounds so great. I'm going ST. I think it would suffer the least. And I say that as a fan of the current lineup.
  6. I think the ultimate testament to this band is the fact that there is and never will be a clear decision on which album is top. I can order them if I really try, but the order would change next week. I think I consistently rank them into 4 tiers though. 1st Tier- YHF, SBS 2nd Tier- BT, ST 3rd Tier- AGIB, AM Always last for me- W(TA) But this week, it's wayyyyy off. 1. ST 2. BT 3. SBS 4. AM 5. AGIB 6. YHF 7. W(TA) ...Ok, I can pretty much only definitively say that W(TA)is my least favorite.
  7. I love how I can get so into AM/BT. For me, AGIB is SUCH a dense record that I can't listen to it 100% of the time like I can SBS or ST or AM. BT is the same way, though I can always jam Monday or Outtasite or Say You Miss Me. SPEAKING OF SAY YOU MISS ME, the "woo-hoo-oo!" backing vocals.
  8. You and I need to get together, because oh man, I thought this exact thing. Also, Jay's coat is ridiculous.
  9. I'd have a hard time calling most of AGIB pop. To me, pop is almost synonymous with "radio friendly", which a lot of Wilco tunes, but not all, are. Wilco is above radio, and they kick television.
  10. The whole chord progression of Pick Up The Change, and immaculate lead guitar after the choruses. I grew up listening to country, and have since become disillusioned with the new crappy "country" coming out, though my parents still love it. Wilco taps into, for me, the days of my Dad's youth when country meant something, and adds just enough rock to make it musically satisfying for me. To me, listening to Being There and A.M. are equally as profound as the YHF-AGIB era, for nostalgic reasons. In summary, Wilco is incredible.
  11. My biggest one is Kamera. The studio is perfect. Also, and I'm going to flamed for this, but uh...ALTWYS. I have always preferred the studio solo, so much so that I'm disenchanted with it live.
  12. 1:27- 2:20 in Pieholden Suite. Just, masterful. 1:21- 1:52 in I'm Always In Love 1:41- end in Hotel Arizona.
  13. Do any of you guys ever have that flash of a moment where it hits how much Wilco means to you? Because I do, about once a month now. It just happened during the little jam at the end of Hotel Arizona. All of a sudden I just was like "Wow. This is so incredible, and I take it for granted almost every time I listen to it". Am I overly sentimental? Or do you folks have these moments too?
  14. That, sir, was a short scale Fender Mustang.
  15. *tear* You're among the best of us. *salute*
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