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    Wilco Vinyl

    I just bought YHF vinyl. I love the 180 gram weight. It sounds PERFECT! "Pot Kettle Black" is not faded out and sounds so cool. I only wish that the entire vinyl cataloge was not a whole week's pay.
  2. Brooklyn was the same set list from Delaware, 2 nights before, with the exception of "Box Full of Letters" (which was still awesome, my first time hearing this live) in Delaware and "You and I" in Brooklyn. Both shows were great, but I would rather go for a more obscure set list than special guests. Both shows were still really great but I'm not used to the guys sticking to a set list so tight throughout a tour. I guess I was hoping for more surprises seeing that I traveled from Mass to see two shows in one weekend. And for the top requested songs, I guess they pretty much just play what
  3. they got MAGAZINE CALLED SUNSET?!!! WHAT THE FUUUUUCK! I hate when bands pull out the goods for their hometown/area show. Magazine was top-requested for Brooklyn!
  4. Since this record was made especially for Vinyl Saturday, please please please everyone support your local indie record shops! If you own a record player and still enjoy spinning them, please make an effort to buy a copy. Don't just take the free mp3 and call it a day if you have the option of doing otherwise
  5. Whoops, you're right. I'm all caught up in the excitement.
  6. I bought the 7 inch today. "Unlikely Japan" sounds absolutely nothing like "Impossible Germany" save for the same lyrics. It's really slow with acoustic and piano. It sounds like something off of "A Ghost Is Born"...it's really dark. It kind of reminds me of the "Hummingbird" version from the Wilco Book. It says it was recorded in 2003 at the Loft by Mikael. "You Never Know" is amazing as well. Wow, I can't wait for this new album.
  7. I counted atleast 8 off your list that have been played in the past couple years. Several of those I have seen.
  8. Were you at the show? Gotta love the 10 minute ride to the show. I work in Northampton and met Jeff on my lunch break the day of the show. He was actually wearing a winter hat and shorts like the Collegian story says.
  9. Pretty good review, the guy sounds like a fan himself...many critics are.
  10. Oh sorry if you don't like Western Mass. Jeff's manager Tony likes it so much he's moving he's moving here! (ha). And you got your Tweedy jokes all wrong. p.s. that crowd was unruly and severely obnoxious. and to the girls next to me screaming for him to play "on and on", I hope they weren't too upset hearing not one SBS song. Ha ha ha.
  11. Yea, but this is the new era-Wilco. They just look so comfortable without challenging themselves as hard as they used to. If Jeff tried to push SBS material on Bennett/Coomer era Wilco, the songs would've been violently twisted around... that excitement of "what are they gonna do next?" has faded for me since Nels jumped aboard. He's such overkill to Jeff.
  12. Ah, so the new album will indeed by SBS part 2. I never really liked songs like One Wing and Let's Fight...so sleepy.
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