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  1. Recording of Impossible Germany I recorded some of impossible Germany. Here's the start of it. No vocals....just some guitar
  2. that was hilarious. The crowd was awesome, and the weather was great. Only hitch was when the guy next to me threw up and some of it splattered on my legs I guess he's not an AM fan
  3. First time seeing the boys in a while....two years I guess. I hadn't been watching the setlists lately, so I wasn't expecting so many old songs. Disc 1 of Being There is my favorite stuff they have done, so I was really happy with the show. It just kept getting better as the night went on. Spiders was more rocking than ever, and Jeff said "this is our first time playing baseball stadium. We like it. We've made it to the bigs....er....the minors." Here's the songs that I recall...I may have missed one or two. Misunderstood opened. Really good energy.... Box Full of Letters Too Far
  4. I think they should have left it off the album
  5. I like the song and I like it that I get to hear it when I'm watching the TV
  6. I feel it's about the best put together collection of songs they've come out with yet and it works very cohesively as an album
  7. soups

    Sky Blue Sky

    probably the most obsessed I've been with an album this century
  8. Hate it Here and Impossible Germany
  9. yo yo. I haven't been here in ages and I guess my login name got deleted thought I'd share a cover I just recorded a couple minutes ago while testing out a new mic here it is Hesitating Beauty
  10. hey, I got a new mic today and decided to try it out....and the first thing I played was hesitating beauty. Here it is hope you like Hesitating Beauty Cover
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