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  1. http://viachicago.org/topic/43060-the-bottle-rockets/?hl=%2Bbottle+%2Brockets
  2. Also of possible interest.... http://unclebobsongfactory.blogspot.com/
  3. Good stuff albeit a bit beyond my range, as I have plenty of discovery ahead of me with his actual discography.
  4. Gave it a background listen a few days ago. Digging it with a proper listen as I type. The 1st track, "Excellent Extension", is, for lack of a better term, excellent. Edited to add that Track 4, "Fall Over Yourself", is another instant winner. Edited again to sing the praises of Track 7, "Deaf Dumb and Blind Girl". Pollard's Who worship strikes again. Another edit to express my strong like for Track 13, "Third Grade Aviator". Track 15, "Doctor Boyfriend" = another winner.
  5. Can't do 250, but will take a crack at my Top non-GBV Pollard songs. I did this a little while ago (not 125), but I have absorbed a lot more Pollard (and have embraced Circus Devils) since then. 1. John the Dwarf Wants to Become An Angel/Boston Spaceships (Our Cubehouse Still Rocks) 2. Supernatural Car Lover/Robert Pollard (Normal Happiness) 3. Silk Rotor/Robert Pollard (We All Got Out of the Army) 4. Death of the Party/Keene Brothers (Blues and Boogie Shoes) 5. Subspace Biographies/Robert Pollard (Waved Out) 6. Radical Amazement/Boston Spaceships (Zero to 99) 7. Pop Zeus/Robert Pollard &am
  6. Stevie Nicks is fuckin' hot. Could belt it out back in the day, too. If you listen to the snobby, know-it-all hipster on your shoulder, you might find some guilt. Otherwise, no guilt required.
  7. I still listen to FaCE pretty regularly. Great record!
  8. Did some cherry picking and came up with a CD sampler consisting of: Apparent the Red Angus Every Moment Flame On The Girls Will Make It Happen Capsized! Bam Bam Bam Cold Joker In Madonna's Gazebo Witness Hill I-Razors Cyclopian Runways All the Good Ones Are Gone Easy Baby They're Not Real Honey Hard Art (Hard All Day) Stars, Stripes and Crack Pipes The Gasoline Drinkers Sick Color Seeds of the Craft Leave the Knife Curtis Pattern Girl In Your Hour of Rescue Craftwork Man Rat Face Ballerina Don't Be Late Sub Rat Nicky Highpockets Monkey Head Legendary Breakfast Code Eye Mask of Leaves Girl i
  9. Appreciate all your Circus Devil recommendations, Doug. I'd add this to your list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7f6kVP1MR4
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