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  1. Pop Todd is getting his Pollard on.... NP:
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqiOZI2O4Q0
  3. Great! Thanks, Doug. I'm going to whip a Spotify playlist together with your recommendations.
  4. I'd appreciate it if you (or anyone else) could recommend a dozen or so Circus Devils songs I must have.
  5. I like it, but it is my least favorite of the three Ricked Wicky releases this year. Pollard could've made an incredible album if he took the best from the trio and simply released one Ricked Wicky record. But as we all well know, that's just not how Bob rolls. Write, record, release. All of it. The good, the pretty good, the mediocre, the bad, the ugly.
  6. This Pollard habit is starting to get expensive.
  7. The Blue Notes record/period isn't my favorite Neil moment/era, but I am looking forward to hearing this. "Crime in the City" is excellent and I do like "Ordinary People" quite a bit. The Archive Performance Series sounds like it will be career-spanning, and it certainly hasn't been rolled out chronologically, so any complaints about this release are curious. I've found a lot to like about all the releases thus far, with Massey Hall and Fillmore East being my two favorites.
  8. I knew I was missing something in my daily allowance. Just couldn't put my finger on it.
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