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  1. Homeboy, throw in the towel Your girl got dicked by Ricky Powell
  2. Was an early passenger on the Sturgill train, but, for whatever reason, I just never got into the new one.
  3. Finally getting around to listening to the vinyl reissues I picked up a little while ago. Sounds fantastic.
  4. Pretty much in order.... American Band/Drive-By Truckers Teenage Hallelujah/Dexateens Blackstar/David Bowie Mudcrutch 2/Mudcrutch Okey Dokey/Natural Child The Rarity of Experience/Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band Schmilco/Wilco Of Course You Are/Robert Pollard Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not/Dinosaur Jr. Freetown Sound/Blood Orange I need to spend more time with the new Alejandro Escovedo & Hiss Golden Messenger records. My favorite new discovery of an older artist in 2016 was Todd Rundgren. It was a fun plunge down that rabbit hole.
  5. On what planet is The Housemartins London 0 Hull 4 considered a "classic album"?
  6. Poor Moon is absolutely essential. After you work through HGM's catalog, you might want to check out MC Taylor's old band, The Court & Spark.
  7. The more I listen to this record and absorb it, the more I disagree with this. The types of issues touched upon on American Band have been going on for generations and generations. The opening track, Ramon Casiano, is a 'topical' song about a 1931 murder committed by the seventeen year-old future V.P. of the NRA, Harlan Carter. Casiano was a "suspicious Hispanic teenager" whom Carter claims he killed in "self-defense". Carter is widely-recognized as the man who helped transform the NRA into the radicalized, right-wing organization it has become today. Unfortunately, the Casiano murder has
  8. Circus Devils: Apparent the Red Angus Pattern Girl Soldiers of June Easy Baby Stars, Stripes & Crack Pipes
  9. I agree that many, if not most, topical songs/albums struggle to maintain long-lasting relevance. I may be wrong (and time will ultimately tell), but I have a feeling my favorite songs on the album - Ramon Casiano, Darkened Flags, Guns of Umpqua, Ever South and Once They Banned Imagine - will be enjoyed years down the road, too. Are you now or have you ever been in cahoots with the notion that people can change? When history happens again if you do or you did you’ll be blamed From baseless inquiry To no knocking entry Becoming the law of the land To half cocked excuses for bullet abuse rega
  10. Time Fades Away, too. If I'm not mistaken these were originally reissued on a much smaller scale as part of RSD 2014. I already have all four on vinyl, but being a Neil sucker, I caved and bought the reissues as a bundled package. Got a pretty good deal though (particularly when it comes to Neil) --- $85 + free shipping.
  11. Todd Rundgren: The Range War Saving Grace Black and White Can We Still Be Friends? Bread
  12. Love The Seeg. Beautiful Loser Travelin' Man Fire Lake Till It Shines Mainstreet
  13. Echos Myron like a siren With endurance like the Liberty Bell
  14. Guided By Voices The Official Ironmen Rally Song Christian Animation Torch Carriers Chasing Heather Crazy Tractor Rape Chain Game of Pricks
  15. Great news on the Wildflowers front. I'm hoping with the deluxe, expanded route, he reissues it on vinyl.
  16. Thanks, Analogman. I thought so, but wasn't 100% sure. Looks like it is a double record that replicates the 2008 remastered & reissued CD. Mountain Girl Let's Ride Blue Canoe Soul Sister Wink Slow Suicide A Band Called Bud Epitaph ZZQ Eyes of a Child Jimmy Carter Let's Go Runnin' Hippy Hotel Special Rider Blues Broke Down & Busted Song Without a Name Westbound Hermit of the Hidden Beach My Wicked, Wicked Ways To a Toad
  17. I randomly stumbled across this today over on Amazon. Apparently Dog Days is being reissued on vinyl on June 10th. For those who know more, is this the first time that album has been released on that format?
  18. Ronnie and Neil Church blew up in Birmingham Four little black girls killed for no goddamn good reason All this hate and violence can't come to no good end A stain on the good name. A whole lot of good people dragged threw the blood and glass Blood stains on their good names and all of us take the blame Meanwhile in North Alabama, Wilson Pickett comes to town To record that sweet soul music, to get that Muscle Shoals sound Meanwhile in North Alabama, Aretha Franklin comes to town To record that sweet soul music, to get that Muscle Shoals sound And out in California, a rock star from Canada
  19. I think The Monsanto Years is a very good album. Is it as good as some of his classic stuff from the 1970's? Of course not, but not much is. Then again, as goofy as it is, I love Americana. And that "Horse Back" video that was released a few years ago to drum up excitement for the return of Neil Young & Crazy Horse was excellent.
  20. Nice! Had it spinning earlier. I bit the bullet and picked up the first 7 seven Kinks records on vinyl. The first four were a bundle package on Pop Market. Something Else, Village Green & Arthur I sprung for individually. They did a great job with the reissues. They sound fantastic!
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