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  1. PT has been on a little Pollard run. What do you think about the latest Circus Devils album? NP:
  2. No doubt. NP: Disc 2 (Demons & Painkillers)
  3. I'm not going that far, but it is one helluva record.
  4. We'll have to get a ruling from Jeff on that one.
  5. As long as you bought it downtown.
  6. There's a 50% off vinyl sale going on at Rockathon Records
  7. As long as the $$$ is right, I imagine Mick can let bygones be bygones.
  8. Well said, Atticus. As someone who was the recipient of years and years of brilliant lies, not-so-brilliant-lies, and insane amounts of manipulation from an alcoholic spouse, I can fully appreciate the disappointment and bitterness Weiland's ex-wife feels. I didn't see the signs when I entered the relationship, but once they began to surface, I initially dismissed them. When it finally registered that it was a problem that could no longer be ignored, I naively thought I could help fix the problem. Boy, was I wrong. What a incredibly vicious cycle of sobriety and relapse. I've recently di
  9. I've gone completely off the deep end. Over the past several months, I've added the following: Propeller (GBV) Earthquake Glue (GBV) Half Smiles of the Decomposed (GBV) Universal Truths and Cycles (GBV) I Am a Scientist EP (GBV) Do the Collapse (GBV) Cool Planet (GBV) Isolation Drills (GBV) The Bears for Lunch (GBV) Class Clown Spots a UFO (GBV) Motivational Jumpsuit (GBV) Suitcase #4 (GBV) Tower in the Fountain of Sparks (Airport 5) Gringo (Circus Devils) Stomping Grounds (Circus Devils) A ton of cherry-picked Circus Devils stuff off various albums Space City Kicks/Robert Pollard Honey Locus
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