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  1. i'm cool with no cameras. i was lucky enough to be front and center for a tweedy solo show in tulsa. i was borderline-riducled for being caught by a VC member's camera taking a pic of jeff to remember the event. a few years in hindsight, I agree with Jeff. That was my memory and I fucked it up by trying to take a picture during an acoustic Acuff-Rose. The picture sucks, the memory is awesome, and I wish I had never wasted the :30 taking the picture.
  2. I'm lucky enough to be old enough to have met everyone but Max. Anyone else?
  3. 6-14-99 at lunge ax he played pecan pie and all the same to me, black eye, forget the flowers as well as covers of ripple, dreaming, and thirteen.
  4. I was also at that show. probably the most musically religious experience of my life. blue mountain opened. i've been at very few shows since then where the audience and band were so interconnected. the night also ended with me and my buddies giving jeff and ken a ride back to the hotel in my car. ken still had the weed on him and jeff asked if since i was in medical school at the time if i could give him a prescription for percocet. i laughed and brushed it off, little did i know how foreboding that request was. truly, the greatest live experience i've attended, and all others are jud
  5. blasphemy, blasphemy -- proudly being a self-proclaimed redneck with white trash running through my veins from many generations. great song, great band, not cool to like, so f-ing what. my vote: that peter cetera drivel "I am the man who will fight for your honor". i don't even know if that's the title but you get the point.
  6. i'll third the above responses. if i'm going to see one of my favorites then i'll usually listen to them because that's probably what i would listen to in the car anyway. if it's somebody i'm a casual fan of i'll listen to something in the genre but probably not that band. if i've never heard the band before, i will purposefully not listen to them so that seeing them live will be my first impression. happened for me when dr. dog opened for the black keys. now i'm a huge dr. dog fan.
  7. Good For What Ails You (Music of the medicine shows) Scott H. Biram - Dirty Old One Man Band
  8. i've talked to jay a couple of times. the first was after straightaways came out. he seemed genuinely disinterested in talking with anybody around him, fans, bandmates, the wall, etc. the boquist brothers and mike heidorn were great, even excited that we knew some of the same pawn shops that they looked for gear in other cities. i've met quite of the musicians i admire and listen to. most seem genuinely appreciative that people care to come to the shows and sing their lyrics. this includes jeff who was extremely humble and very talkative when we gave him and ken coomer a ride back to the
  9. where? i can't find it on their website or pollstar. if that's the case i won't be driving in to see jay farrar. since i'm southside okc i'll definitely be at the hold steady show.
  10. 00's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Z - My Morning Jacket 90's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain - Pavement Being There 80's So - Peter Gabriel Back in Black - AC/DC 70's Red Headed Stranger - Willie Nelson Boston - Boston 60's The Band (Brown album) Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
  11. that's it. does that really say ibanez on the headstock. i mean the shield looks different, i guess, but holy crap that script is pretty close. thanks for the help.
  12. The Essential Kris Kristofferson[/i]. the latest installment of the band "a musical history" black sabbath greatest hits 1970-1978
  13. probably the wrong site for this but i can't find any info on the black keys site. it looks like a white sg, but when i saw them live i could have sworn the headstock didn't look gibson/epiphone. if this isn't appropriate wilco forum material, tell me to go away.
  14. i agree. guitars i buy, i want to have forever. and if they play great, who cares about a little age and wear. look at willie nelson's "trigger". i've got the first guitar i have ever owned, a beginner fender that has a great woody sound that i use for slide and open tuning stuff. it's beat to hell and the other day my son found the uncle tupelo sticker that was stuck in anthology reissue and stuck it on it. it's crumpled and goes over the binding but i thought i'd leave it. at least it's uncle tupelo and he could have put easter bunny or dora the explorer stickers.
  15. the guild ones have a duel truss rods, so they take the strain a little better, i think Taylor do it to do these age well even with the dual truss rods? given the history of warpage (kind of a word i guess) with cheaper models, i'm kind of leaning towards saving up for a while and buying one with some better reliability. i'm kind of looking for heirloom guitars that i can pass down to my kids and their kids. in my own bizzaro fantasy land i kind of envision my great grandkids inheriting something like a pre-war martin. i know it won't happen but i'm not interested in trading in guitar
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