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  1. We say Happy Day for you! We give you the anticipate of special package! All arrival soon - in style of your preference! Olson has been with wood in hand for many days and this is result of fierce endeavour! I play with his small part in this effort for sure, but it is most work of Olsen! Welfare to you Mr Jeff Tweedy and all familiar in your village! May you have long life as the wise old narwhale which never see the cooking pot (for in truth it is most tasty indeed, and tusk has many uses!)
  2. She has welcome to share sauna at any time in my village (Olsen also has the anticipate! It is the Swedish way). Also free access for special tour of Abba momentary toes in spare bedroom as left untouched since dear Baab has a bucket kicked from this world. I make little cry now my friends. Apology to this happy place for the sniffles. It will pass in moment. I survive! Welfare to all!
  3. This is only way for sure my friend. Departed Lars is making grave spin with this fierce nonsense! Where is Saab love? How can Mr Jeff Tweedy track lost reindeer in his village without built in dashboard utility? (For I fear he does not have native sense to use traditional methods with twitch of nose for dung tracking. But I can sense special lessons if all have interest and make PM). This VolksWagen is worse than Danish transport variety! I am sorry for an outburst. It is not the Swedish way. Welfare!
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