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  1. Olsen is not jealous. It is the Swedish way! Welfare! P.S. PM if you need pics. Please specify if weird or not weird is preference.
  2. Friend, I have a gasted flabber at this news and you pleasure me with your topic also. It has long been the rumour whisper but now there is the reality. It is good that Mr Jeff Tweedy make a pause in the activity of the Wilco combo so all can direct full attention and research to the ABBA once again in this period. Maybe he receive the discrete nod from Mr Benny so as to coincide and there was advance clue in Together At Last recent title.Welfare! P.S. Professor from Stockholm ask to tell Mr Jeff Tweedy that he will still welcome the pics even if he also has attention divert to the ABBA. He wi
  3. I also have admiration for package of Mr Jeff Tweedy.Welfare!
  4. You're Just What I Needed [The Cars] ------------- No encore Mr Sammy on lead vocals. Mr Jeff Tweedy on rhythm guitar I was not making more note of other members as I was too in transfix mode by a keytar in this combo. Welfare!
  5. Happy Hawaii Fifty Day! Give Mr Jeff Tweedy a book Daniel, as we say in Sweden! Welfare!
  6. It is not so far across border. There is usual invite if she bring own towel. Welfare!
  7. The knee-bend of joy for sure! Welfare!
  8. You are fiend of research for sure! Welfare! P.S. Olsen is happy with arrangement.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plZRe1kPWZw This is fine bean spillage for research. Thank you! Welfare!
  10. Friend, This is obvious nod to the ABBA at time of full conversion of Mr Jeff Tweedy, no? Welfare!
  11. Lotti

    Wilco Timeline

    You have emptiness for the ABBA on your timeline site? Are you a Danish?
  12. It is a taste like the every other Friday night in Copenhagen. Even boots party has the etiquette. Believe! Welfare! P.S. For the clarification in your future case the etiquette has suspension once inside sauna. This is known by all as riding over fierce precedent, so it is no use to make a complain in morning when you realise you have missed the school run and there is the unfed husky pack to annoy neighbours with yelps. P.P.S. It is best to invite neighbours to avoid part of problem. Maybe also primary school teacher if you have a space for it.
  13. It is perfect location for what you are knowing, no? Welfare!
  14. Mr Jeff Tweedy, I make present this day of second favourite below afterwards of the ABBA. I omit obvious first choice apart from appropriate pic of candle ardour. For a spicy life you should have some variety, as we say in Sweden! Take care to blow candle without the snot incident. Pre-emptive clearance avoids embarrassment and staining. Olsen once have the snot incident, but we learn lesson and I will talk about it no more at this time. It is true that second verse is same as first as Mr Hermit acknowledge. Also third verse. Ha ha! You may have some benefit in this approach to reduce st
  15. You can get to Luspebryggan in this time? You have own towel? I expect. Welfare! P.S. Olsen is understanding!
  16. Friends, You are having the wonder why I do not celebrate the Sweden entry this year? It is favorite in predictions, but in truth it is shame to homeland and to good memory image of the Abba. It ignore the template of the female throat and this is not an acceptable style. It will fail! Even emphasis of the leather trouser do not have a decent substitute impact, despite what Professor from Stockholm say. I do not even have a heart to make a link for this shame. But we always have memories of better times of fine style. Believe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLvuFyQ2mbU We survive two days wi
  17. Friends, Here is Eurovision time again. You party for sure? We also! As a warming for grandest final on Saturday, here is fierce good entry from Finland brothers. They have the spirit of Abba utmost rock style. This is closest to power of the Abba in rock style since Mr Jeff Tweedy make a copy of do-do-dum-dum motorist beat from The Visitors by the Abba for his Spiders tune in fine attempt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePhjs-3q068 This is especially fine year as by magic twist of the geography the Oz boys have entry! This is special concession to best foreign Abba supporters from famo
  18. Friends, I send special PM to Mr Jeff Tweedy to make all smooth oil on your water troubles. It is rare to make a divergence from way of the ABBA, but it is fierce poignant request of most fitting kind and Mr Jeff Tweedy pleasures me with agreement. So there is promise for final close to special 20 anniversary shows with Mr Jeff Tweedy and Mr John terminating with emotional duel version of Islands In The Stream to celebrate all years of manhood together. This will bring down your house for sure and be top pop value! Here is first place that you have heard of this event! Believe! Welfare! P.S.
  19. Friends, After so much of lemon light for Mr Bjorn, Mr Jeff Tweedy do not forget some lemon for Mr Benny also, since they are like pod of two peas for sure. Here Mr Jeff Tweedy wear for first time vintage jacket of Mr Benny from the ABBA memorable billiards auction that make happy coincide with recent TWEEDY combo visit to Stockholm. It is a danger to risk damage from sweaty head seepage of industrious Mr Glenn and it has a littel fade since glory time, but we appreciate! Welfare P.S. Professor from Stockholm also attend auction and he say that Mr Jeff Tweedy left him bad taste in mo
  20. Friends, I leave a quick number two to demonstrate rich success week for research. Number two is how Mr Jeff Tweedy demonstrate “Hootenanny Style” learning from the ABBA to use in recent encore procedure. New style approach is for the Wilco all together in usual but in not so obvious way all playing without plugs. To some, like Professor from Stockholm, this activity has less frequent enjoyment, but most agree to be spicy for variety in life. However, to make a closer look then style is not so new! Here is archive attack on three prongs like for toasting muchy marrow to show this influence les
  21. Mr Jeff Tweedy, this has been a mind gnaw for me and some others in village for a certain time. It is rule of the one hundred and one rules of beloved Stig that when combo have duration to release compiled 'Best Of Hits', then they cannot be serious pop contender without sexy transport. I present a contrast to impress on point. Do you see who has the sexy transport? Who demonstrate the power and influence of heavy weight in chart? Poor Mr John hang his shameful hat at this inequality and Mr Nels have the curly toe with grimace. Even the sexy of Mr Pat has deflation against this obstacle.
  22. Lotti

    Love for Susie

    Lady Wilco, I happy to to speak!. Olsen say sauna door is always opening if you have the necessity. Ha ha! I cannot take a fence to this since if you have something good for your lady gander, then it is likely also good for your gander, as we say in Sweden. Welfare! P.S. In mean time I give you speedy recovery with pic boost! P.P.S. Also pine for sure! P.P.P.S. Pic is public version above. If you prefer version with bulging visible for the oggle moment then send PM.
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