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  1. It is the power of the Abba making seepage into the Wilco boys for sure. Believe!
  2. Friend, I admire your fierce research style, but you have a tree with the wrong kind of bark for sure. Here is true research in style of sad depart Lars for old times. He inspire many here to start the research! Welfare
  3. I offer new friend to make very welcome. I send special PM. There is condition sole of observing sticking to owner towel policy in sauna.
  4. Here is first proof of history moment! The lady men from Lucius band have fierce sparkle! Mr Jeff Tweedy has sage nod of the approval. All are happy in Abba spirit! Welfare!
  5. But all researcher friends here also have milky attitude! Thanks to all! It is schnaps time in village and time for huskies to hide for sure! . Mr Jeff Tweedy has final courage to make pubic demonstration to end closet stay of Abba love and influence - but is he thinking we do not all know this foibling for some time Ha ha! it is fierce difficult to have the Abba in heart without the giveaway signals. I send him special PM of the congrats. Chosen song of the Waterloo is fine selection, so I do not make bones with it. I make little tear over no attempt of the double female throat, but Mr J
  6. Advice number 1 Treat icehole with care and only share with trusty friends. Advice number second Use guitar for learning songs of the Abba of course. If someone has given you a horse, then look at it all over except for in the mouth, as we say in Sweden - no? Welfare!
  7. I make distant joy jump for you at Mass Mocking event (with all belly exposure in true style of the Abba)! It is in your power! Believe! I make suggest for your group to have special emergency schnapps corner for the full revive of the flagging. Welfare!
  8. Friends, I make late surface today after Eurovision party! I hope you have similar enjoy! But there was twice wham to suffer for sure - not alone is Sweden not in triumph mode, but it is Danish who have the victory! What is this blaspheme? Plenty schnapps was needed in village. I think of those who are making a mass mock in next month and as soon as head spin is calm I send special PM to Mr Jeff Tweedy. I make the urge to ignore this result in case he has fierce study of this music event in preparation for big boots party of Abba coverage. This is not style for imitation Mr Jeff Tweedy! I mak
  9. Friends, I have a bumpy goose at your having me bare in your mind and with commitment to cause of the Abba! But it is least we can do for their uplift change to our lives no? I return from high plateau now after herding event. Thanking to those who sent a wish - nose is much healed now! I have news of sneaky peek at progress of Mr Jeff Tweedy in preparation to make the shiny spectacle for Solid Sounding event. This is fine research by secret contact who wishes to remain unanimous! But now for sorry tale - in truth it is poor effort so far! Wilco boys need to make a round rally to make a pull
  10. This is fierce dilemma! For party it is Take A Chance there in no doubt - in second spot is Hole In Your Soul, When I Kissed The Teacher, Waterloo or Ring Ring or SOS, but in small compromise perhaps darker side is of interest to Mr Jeff Tweedy. Then it could be The Visitors, all Cold War and in paranoid. For Mr Nels there is Eagle for extra helping of noodles, and also Mr Jeff Tweedy does not have to simulate the double female throat! Ha ha! He may have the appreciation of this point. This may suit the Wilco for the rock power approach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIlm32pbre0 http://w
  11. Friends, It is dreamtime! There can be stomp party with songs of the Abba! Believe! I send vote and get all from village too (even husky). Make same in your village! I am unfortunate to be all in commitment to seal cull at this time, but I wait breathing bait for the live twits. Welfare! P.S. Do not forget lemon flares and the sequin as uniform of true fan.
  12. Lady Tweedy, I have dual question please thank you. Question number A - must song be of original personal form, or can it be of the Abba? This is prime factor! Question of second part - do you have sauna in Lofty place and what is naturist policy? In either way this is fine action, there in no doubting why many put Mr Jeff Tweedy on a pedal stool, but not of quite height of pedal stool of Mr Benny and Mr Bjorn! Ha ha! I hope you are of the understanding of this reservation, but it is plain fact to all and I cannot give my bush a beating all around in this respect, as we say in Sweden. We
  13. Story of Danish response is true showing of their character and it is fierce wasting of the schnapps to disappear in their glughole. Believe! Welfare!
  14. Thanking you for research friend! This show early demonstration of influence of the Abba indeed! Do you have more knowledge? Did Mr Jeff Tweedy and teenage kickside Mr Jay Farrah-Forceps make the double throat for this song in Lady Agnetha and Lady Freda special style. This is young time before the breaking point for throat I have presume. Welfare!
  15. Dear Mr Jeff Tweedy, I thank you for demonstration of ways of the Abba on past year. I have taken great pleasure from your Love Whole. Mr Pat also absorb teachings in sound quality - Lofty Place is just like Polar Studios of olden good days! But, we all know it - Ha! Ha! No doubt you give him the big hints in this direction! So, have good schnapps breakfast as in our custom, and meaty feast later in style of Mr George Forman, as in habit of your country. Then it is time for the Abba party! I hope to start your balls rolling in this event with super tune in live version. Enjoy! http://w
  16. Am I first one to make a spotting that shirt is from Abba style as broadcast love of song of SOS? It must be old version after much time in washing tub, as all sequin have removed! Only sparkle left is one in our hearts when we hum tune of this very same pop masterpiece to selves. That is fine feeling for sure! Make it your aim for this day and greet all neighbour with the smile of inner content. This is the Swedish way. And of Swedish way number two example I present perfect summer attire that has the very airy nature but also full protect against the nasty fat splash from outdoor roasti
  17. Friends, I do not want to make a pissing down on your parading, but you have your dog shouting up the wrong tree! All needs can be satisfied by this product (including special needs of the lonely but I will speak not more of it). It is already available in reasonable price mode! If you have heavy import tax on the Abba as protectionism measure to shelter week pop industry of America in George Washerton style, then PM and I can send in plain wrapper from my location! This Mr Washerton is nasty fellow from my viewpoint with his infamous chopper exploit. This natural damage is not the Swedish w
  18. This is excellent piece of learning from way of the Abba! Many times they make the special disc in different tongue to exploit pop market full potential. And friends, even your English is the different tongue for us Swedes! Ha ha! It has certain style of the sexy to our ears, but there is no comparable to the sexy of the Spanish tongue! Mis pezones están explotando de placer! Mi perro está casi muerto. I have a knee weakening and the moist at these words for sure. Here is remind of the Abba in this mode:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7O5GVbYuMM Welfare!
  19. Lady, Florida is place where the sequin is required to make attraction for major pop spectacle for sure. This has proof for all to see in plain sight in career ot Lady Glorious Easterfan and her Machine Sound - although in truth she has a copying of the cats of the Abba in derived way from Voulez-Vous period - without acknowledgements as made in respectful case of Mr Jeff Tweedy which give full credit in musical homage. It is strange Mr Jeff Tweedy make slip up in this style rule of first importance, but it is perhaps due to nag pressure of children who have embarassment of parents wearing the
  20. This is fine way to make a whipped crowd have the frenzy - the point finger stretch is climax moment! Mr Pat need more of the tight skin for full effect, and he miss the sequin, but he has potential there is no doubt. Mr Jeff Tweedy need to dictate Mr Nels have similar mirror action for beautiful symmetry effect.
  21. Pics for the nubiles making the research catchup There is nothing with more comfort in commando style on long tour bus cramp than jumpsuit. Here is rare image of the Wilco out of bus in full Abba fashion. They should not be so abashed to make the flaunt of this fine mode!
  22. Mr Jeff Tweedy cultivate same atmosphere for Lofty place as for finest work of the Abba. This is pics sent for research archive by other reader of this site. I have the gratitude and send special package as way of thanks. All can receive package if you have the inclination for archive contribute. I also receive pm with idea for prior version of the On And On And On song. What is your believe? To my mind Mr Jeff Tweedy make too slow rendition that spoil party vibration and he substitute too much alternatives for lyrical content. It is true we Swedes have big space for the melancholic in o
  23. Sample number three is quadrant mode of video to Take A Chance. It is easy style to make when director has the mind for talking head shot. In truth it is from lesson one hundred and one of beloved Stig guide to pop promo. I hope you share joy and have enlightenment from this research. Let us continue with quest! Welfare!
  24. Friends, here is more sneaky homage that has unearthing for all in white and black this day. I make present of three sampling. Sampling number one is from journey to pop gala event all stretchy style with the fizzy abundance. Sampling number two has Mr Pat in beard remembrance of hero Mr Benny. This is fine hairy tribute. But why is it temporary nature must be big question?
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