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  1. That is second song from Mr Sammy. He is of the ABBA for sure!
  2. Thank you for confirmation that it is not town of Danish influence. Welfare!
  3. Maybe I write to this place and ask if they want to be twin place with our village. Are they also of the ABBA?
  4. There is no hope without the sequin
  5. I send much appreciation. I just spend 8 happy minutes! I shall return to this pic later. Believe!
  6. Mostly I look for underboob of Mr Pat, but thanking for report all in same. Welfare!
  7. Mr Bbop, please remember in memories show that what happen in sauna stay in sauna. Welfare! P.S. But if you mention after first 20 minutes then it is OK as Olsen will be asleep by then!
  8. As a Being There fan say, "He like to watch", no? Welfare!
  9. The Wilco can move to more of this style for super hit for sure! Welfare! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9RJQPZsj8E
  10. Dear Mr Guy Setlist, I am a lady gent! Reguardings Lotti P.S. PM for pics if you need the proofs. P.P.S. I can put you in a touch with Professor from Stockholm if you have that preference.
  11. Lady Kidsmoke make the true statement (as ever no?) but is late to the boots party with this news. My breath is baited for this release! Welfare! P.S. Breath has current stench of the herring and the schnapps, though it is not so stenchy to good Swede, including postman this morning. Ha ha!
  12. Mr Growl is of the ABBA. So was Mr Cobain.
  13. Happy day to Mr Jeff Tweedy! Welfare!
  14. Is there existing the spreadoutsheet of the body part featurings of Wilco members? I have some few rough notes to contribute from certain episodes. I can contact Professor from Stockholm for the guaranteed detailed list for sure. Maybe he even already have in spreadoutsheet form for new common usage. Welfare! P.S. I have suspicion that list of Professor from Stockholm will exclude the moob parts from body part featurings. He is not the fan of the moob parts. But we can supplement for thoroughness, no?
  15. I only list 2 two examples in recent past this week of my experience so as to have a brevity type of correspondence with you. If you need full list for your entertainment or emulation I can provide in PM! Welfare! P.S. There is one that you could not perform with the emulation according to laws in your country, so I can omit. Or, I can leave in list so that when travelling after Covid situation you can emulate in full set of list ticks. It is your decision!
  16. Ha ha! We also have this euphonium in Swedish language! Of course it is most often used in scenario of sauna situation, but can apply for whenever such like event occurs e.g. I had a spill at the meeting of PTA, I had a spill in car park with attendant - if you want to hear of two examples in recent past this week of my experience. Welfare!
  17. "Mr Spencer and Lady Casey to make full dramatic version of Paradise by the Dashboard Light https://m.youtube.com/watchv=9ntdhjvkqyo" I hope it just case of taking longer time to prepare, as would be fitting tribute to death of the Mr Jim Steinman this week. Welfare!
  18. I am happy for players to exercise, but it is too Danish for my taste, and lacking glitter. Welfare!
  19. I apologise if I spoil your alerting, but I can confirm sauna is prepared as fallback location option B! We hope all bring own towels! Welfare!
  20. Is this the slang meaning of the words from the prison men and lady men, as we say in Sweden? I tell Professor from Stockholm to watch this one on YouTube delay as special treat! Welfare!
  21. It is decent sign to see Mr Jeff Tweedy spreading talents from the singing to the writing and giving pleasure in many fields. We wait for crime novel in Wallander style! Welfare! P.S. I am also know for giving pleasure in many fields. Also sometime behind village library. Ha ha! P.P.S. Also once at village bus stop but Olaf say it does not full count at there was the coachus interruptus as he call it. We finish at sauna later.
  22. Professor from Stockholm also have the favourite tail of the watersports with Mr Glenn! Welfare! P.S. PM for pics
  23. Can we post the icehole pics in this place or still only PMs to special friends? Welfare!
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