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  1. Friends, I have admit to guilt for lack of full report from days past. I just make surface. All was happy time on long journey south from village with fierce good plan to make a bunk up with Professor from Stockholm but there was too much schnapps for rest of jovial occasion to be so factual. You can guess this eventuality! Ha ha! In place I make a hasty present of concert pic montage with some previous and subsequence. Last in memories was Professor from Stockholm making offer to Mr Jim to take to bar of “Skinkan Slammers” name. This is sports cocktail bar with theme of Greco-Roman wrestling.
  2. Lady Smoker, I happy to speak and give you a participation. You can have no doubt of prediction of subject Ha ha! I attempt in your style as first experiment. It is not bad sample for sample number one. Usual custom here is to use hollowed walrus carcass for spooky lit exhibit, and make a twist of entrail into name of loved one. It takes a knowledge of the hunter as if too little blubber is extracted there can be fierce flame! There is this danger, but on the other foot, toasty entrail result can make the yummy treat and has alternate change from raw dish of same kind, though on peronal note
  3. This is obvious choice for sure if you are a one with the very sweet teeth or child making the rubber dummy introduction, but it is not true Swedish way, so I will talk no more about it Welfare!
  4. Mr Bhick, top three would be like following I present. Although research has brought many points above the earth this is top obvious sample for your beginning to give you a small inkle. Make PM if you have interest in more research detail (and for pics please confirm you are adult). Top number 'A': 12 of the November 1976 Mr Jeff Tweedy have initial hear of Dancing Queen when it has fierce pop storm success of first time in USA. Why all your people are so long backward in this respect remain deep misery. He has an ear glued to radio this day for sure! Maybe he invent the American style of boo
  5. Friends, this is well known code words for "ABBA min favorit" phrase when making request to enter occupied sauna. Positive response for romance interlude is "Ja här fantastiska" code - so you see how Mr Jeff Tweedy make a full circle with this joking line of punches? Of a course, this all sneaky code endeavour is hardly of a necessity here, as that is Swedish default way. So you do not need the necessity of a bush beating all around! Ha ha! But if elsewhere like a Denmark for an instant, then I recommend to avoid the the unexpected unpleasant. And do not have a plan to get all your hopes up th
  6. Mr Jeff Tweedy, I make a line drop to thank for pic. Professor from Stockholm very grateful you capture happy position with double thumb up. It is special talent to bring a cheer so easily for sure. You have flexibility in many areas! Welfare! P.S. He say he can make a reciprocate on your Facebook if security setting allow!
  7. http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/music/Talking-Wilco-Tweedy-and-1970s-Scandinavian-prog-rock-with-Jeff-Tweedy-.html Friends there is positive recent news that Mr Jeff Tweedy is on full correct track of the ABBA for new Wilco direction! He already pleasure us with the double female throat option and now he return to archives for more influence dose. I have confusion why he has the tremble to name of the ABBA in full print - perhaps he want to avoid others making a rival research to keep all way clear for pop chart success, or he avoid to confuse poor reporter who does not have any k
  8. From song of Summer Noon:- Afterwards, I found my face in the trash. This has familiarity as effect from the schnapps for sure and bring the smile to face with chuckle! Welfare!
  9. No further to say for inspiration for sure! Welfare
  10. Friends, pic in this spread remind that here we can see perfect denim combo tribute to the ABBA man style from TWEEDY man and child man pair. I appreciate! Mr Spencer Tweedy can be like a pod pee with Mr Bjorn if his hair can have more dangle. I set Christmas deadline for this perfect comparison. It is a challenge! Welfare! P.S. Denim is fine style for the photo shot but beware damp patch spread from seepage at strenuous stage moment. This has negative chart impact for sure on audience although in modern times Mr Jeff Tweedy has benefit of the photoshopping for the later touch up in pub
  11. Here is number two update! It is first little update to this original story to this very day! I have a warm heart cockle to see influence continue in hand me down from Mr Jeff Tweedy to new combo member. You see Mr Dorian Gray in style of famous Dancing Queen photo shooting session. It is a fierce match but he lack some sparkle. In final mode, here is influence of beloved Stig in demonstration of fine pair of Lady Agnetha and Mr Jeff Tweedy ladder shot. You see Lady Agnetha adopt principal of method singer as beloved Stig pioneer in similar way to your Mr Marlon Brando do for the acting
  12. First here is present of strange story of emerge influence of the ABBA for Mr Jeff Tweedy. I do the corroborate of facts but all is initial spark from friend making special PM here. We thank for insight from a fly on wall friend who must have anomalous remains! We had no inkling this was such a story! But, when you do not know what chocolate is in your box then you are alive, as we say in Sweden. You see the ABBA with the little smurf statute in pic number ( A )? This was present as way of thanks for allowing to make cover of Dancing Queen classic on special Smurf combo album for Oz market.
  13. It is fine spectacle to pleasure us for breakfast impact at start of week, no? Luscious ladies have the pout style and hairy attitude of Lady Agnetha in perfect mode! I have shame that cameraman do not capture special boots of Mr Jeff Tweedy, but this all has demonstrate of full learning of ways from the ABBA and beloved Stig for sure. Now there is almost no necessary for the future instruction lesson - I do not tell Mr Jeff Tweedy's grandmother to make a suck on my eggs, as we say in Sweden. But research is habit of lifetime and there is always some fun in this past time through dark arctic n
  14. One time I spend day in Dane land. If this was not of an enough, it was all "pastry!", "pastry!" I had a fierce vomit. It is most evil of place for sure. Welfare!
  15. I give a fierce welcome to the female double throat as best addition. I tell to Mr Jeff Tweedy many time, also with emphasis on use of pout move for audience frenzy effect. Welfare! P.S. I also suggest pout move for Mr Jeff Tweedy but he has some reluctance for this facial as he forget personal mirror for dressing room practise. He send me selfish photo for advice. It has some smoulder value for sure but I say "Mr Jeff Tweedy I am not in frenzy". He do not reply to that PM as he is in likely sulk mode I suspect. Maybe I make him feel better to tell that Professor from Stockholm say he did
  16. Friend, I was smacking in my gob when I hear Mr Jeff Tweedy employ Lucius lady men for the female double throat. This is big correct step forward in his style for sure! In truth they are too small in the mixture, but it is starting point - big oak tree can make a grow from little a corn on the cob as we say in Sweden.Welfare! P.S. You have glitter scarf? I can provide if you make special PM
  17. Name of group with all uppers style is fine plan in best tradition, and Mr Jeff Tweedy know this for sure! It is good sign for this project. I anticipate much in advance. Welfare!
  18. Who can forget day when the Abba make first step on international stage and set fire to pop world? If you are of the Abba then it is time for celebration of special day for sure, no? All in village here are in preparation mode of full swinging style. It is happy time and fine spectacle to see community pulling off together all in one direction with true aim in common. There is much bunting! I prepare you to also have route to successful party with pointy bullet hints in below layout. There is still two day of notice if you have had a lethargic or you have made a mind slip of this date! Mak
  19. Use pine therapy! Believe!
  20. Friend, do they include personal reading track? I send special PM to Mr Jeff Tweedy asking that royalty from this track be donated to Svaalsbad Harpoon Research Centre. It is fierce fine charity and cause close to heart, but not as close to heart as for walrus victim! Ha ha! But all enjoy meaty treat from time to time so where is harm? So far I wait for the respond. Do not have fear - I will be touching you when I have respond. Welfare!
  21. Here is trove of detailed research of very special nature! Mr Jeff Tweedy makes decent change on his part with many good reason to justify - as in example here in arctic it is wise to keep minimum present to Mr Jack Frosting for bites of the meat and double vegetable when caught short after schnapps binge. Otherwise fur legging is never same! I cannot speak in public place concerning arrangements too close to bone of Mr Benny and Mr Bjorn, but it is synchronicity move in right direction. Send PM for the details if you have desire to copy their cats in this special effort. Amongst the other thi
  22. Friend, I am full of the happy for your reporting and from tone I sense you are also of the Abba? I make small correction to reporting. I am lady man! Believe! I send PM with pic from sauna as way of proof (please delete after time for the secret perusal).It is in season spirit that Mr Jeff Tweedy is poking me in a funny way, but shared Abba bond is strong to cope with such downs and ups. I am not offensive at this fierce bantering. He is fine fellow for sure despite not of standard as Mr Benny and Mr Bjorn in hairstyle preparation. Progress for second delivery is started. Olsen is making chop
  23. Lady Kidsmoke, it is fierce problem for sure! But we have hope! Believe! Professor from Stockholm always say how he would love to get hands on a minor, but he is not in summer holiday chalet this time, and we must take peaceful approach. We make the yoik and appeal to old spirits (and also spirit of Beloved Stig for more recent help). I make present of Yoik Idol winner of recent times for those who have the interest for power of spritial healing (sometime old way has force that even the Abba can miss in disco style). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz6CPs6geoo I also have the urge for you
  24. Friends, arctic circle is unbroken for sure! Special PM from Mr Jeff Tweedy tell me that Mr Robert Zimmerframe is now of the Abba though in secret mode! He has immediate plan to travel to Sweden for more experience! He has already the boots of leather for party also, no? Only danger is Danish visit. Why does he have the necessary for this? I do not have a foggy clue! But more congrats to Mr Jeff Tweedy for this dedicated work! More research to be scheduled! Welfare! "Bob Dylan will embark on an extensive European tour this October. the legendary singer-songwriter will get started in Oslo,
  25. I congratulate for year of fierce achievement with Abba cover in moment of highlight for sure! Mr Jeff Tweedy, if I can make a technical speech, then we have had meeting when I make a shove of Abba t-shirt gift through car window one time. You have the memory? I have no doubting you keep safe this garment for special dance party occasion. Perhaps one day we will have opportunity for full facial exchange in happiness of discussion of the Abba in deep style. Maybe full facial is only possible dream when in living room of lucky auction, but who has knowledge? For several years past it was only d
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