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  1. i got this on my myspace from nels myspace Hi Nels fans, Check out Nels and Alex Cline's recent interview on NPR and hear them talk about their new albums. Here's the link: NPR Link Nels & Alex Cline
  2. Chuck Turner

    Nels Cline

    Both Nels and Alex Cline will be interviewed on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday Feb. 15th in the A.M. that would be tommorrow morning on the Radidio (F.M. not A.M. ) although in the A.M. but not off A.M. . . . who's on first you ask ?
  3. I know likes this guy for DADGAD (Whoops that didn't work : edit) just search Pierre Bensusan on youtube
  4. i can't help, but . . . Mark Shark has his first book out now called the "Tao of Tuning" published by Hall Lenard (i think), he teaches at a music school I work at (i'm a piano player) It looks pretty good, some of his fellow musicians give it good reviews on the back cover (Jackson Brown, Bonnie Raitt etc.)
  5. "A Peoples History of the United States" by Howard Zinn, is one of my favourite books. honesty, openmindedness, willingness, thats HOW i would approach this topic . . . i really don't know a ton about the 911 truth movement, i'm just a fan of free speech, so i will continue to keep my mind open . . . i kinda feel like the bailout stuff might be another way of . . . ah the heck with it, lets all just listen to Britney Spears and bury our heads in the sand
  6. we could use some vibes in the South Bay and Long Beach (so cal), our own Robert Lucas died today at 46. just the nicest guy, a tremendous talent , blues man Robert Lucas will be sorely missed. He served as lead singer for Canned Heat for many and his own group Luke and the Locomotives. Just him and his steel national dobro could light up a room i'm in disbelief . . . praying . . .
  7. Nels Cline is an Alien Flower Pot no seriously, he really is . . .
  8. Glad you guys had a good jam. On the meeting wizard Sat. morn. is tough for me . . . there is a Sunday afternoon in Baracktober where 5 people are available (including yours truly) . . . I know not everyone can make each day (being left out on this first jam). So I got the music book and everything . . . such is life On the flip side, that Sat. church gig has gotten off to a good start. New Orleans gospel singer Chanelle Haynes from Trin-i-tee 5:7 has been helping us, although she'll be out the next few weeks promoting T57 Deluxe Edition. (Trinitee 5 7 does the 18th Divas Simply Singing be
  9. O.K. here's some tangents, I played in a band with the drummer on Thriller, the great Leon "Ndugu" Chancelor, . . . also the teen Idol I backed up (when I was 18) went to high school with with M.J. whats EVEN weirder is Jeff Tweedy mentions their hit song in the Sunken Treasure DVD "Heartbeat It's a Lovebeat" whats even weirder is Tweedy wrote something regarding a book about teen Idols, I'll have to find this again, an interesting read, something about about Justin Timberlake's music relating to young listeners . . . o.k. pretty lame tangents, now I gotta listen to AOAF again . . . Of c
  10. AMP looks good as well. I like that they'll let us use a keyboard amp along with everything else. I just haven't been there. I'm in the South Bay, Torrance but I've been going to valley occasionally to rehearse for 30 years . . .
  11. one vote for -- West L.A. Studio Services -- how 'bout in Baracktober --
  12. I'm still here. So what do y'all think of the name "The Wilcolonics" for the tribute jam band thingerwhatever . . . Just playing . . . I'm soooo tired . . . (chuck, the keyboard player from the south bay)
  13. dang, i just saw this. i can barely play anymore. and i've like only learned one tune OTV . . . , but i'll just do a cecil taylor imatation during the noise sections and fake the rest . . . so doesn't nels play at barnsdale art park on labor day, monday sept. 1st for the angel city jazz fest. (w/ becca in tow) you could just crash his gig, they play outside . . . seriously, it sounds like fun, i'll try to go to a bunch of 12 step meetings before hand to try and reign in my buttheadedness oh yeah, did any of us ever buy the music book, i know it's the lazy way . . . i'll try and order
  14. Mid Life Crisis . . . good name for a band . . . oh wait, i play in a band called Mid Life Crisis . . . just a bar band . . . but damn, the guitar player has been gettin some gig chops . . . Chuck Alvarez has been playing in Lisa Haley's band a while (grammy nominee for Zydeco) Haley did one of the American music series shows in Pasadena this summer (others in the FREE series were Joe Doe, The Blasters etc.) I think MLCs one August gig was one the best nights I've heard him me on the other hand, i can't play my way out of a paper bag these days, but i know i musta had one or two good
  15. I played some gigs with David Hentschel, producer of the first 5 Collins era Genesis albums. I played the guys tunes for two years, but he was in the US rarely. My favourite Genesis story was told by Percy Jones around 96, Hentschel was in town producing Brand X (Manifest Destiny) . . . so Percy's story had to do with Collins (1st) wedding and the jamming during it . . . seems Jon Anderson called "I Shot The Sheriff" and Percy was trying to disappear whilst playing a tune he didn't know . . . and Banks and Rutherford were sitting and waotching going hmmm or something . . . ok so it loses s
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