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  1. the cream switch ring and pickup surrounds are ghastly.
  2. The J Mascis sig JM has been out for a long time.
  3. gee folks, calm down. the world wont end just coz i got a different impression than you guys. » EXPRESS: Oh, really. Wilco has its own label now? » CLINE: Yeah, I don't know the name of it. Jeff was basically not wanting to be on a record label for a while — he didn't renew his contract with Nonesuch — so we're striking out on our own, our own label. There might be a 7-inch or something, a little souvenir when we do this Mass MoCA [solid Sound Festival in North Adams, Ma.] I'm not sure, really. Basically, Jeff and [Wilco manager] Tony Margherita are the masterminds, so I'm just cruising wi
  4. Gee I dunno... when I read this: http://www.expressnightout.com/content/2010/07/nels-cline-singers-black-cat-initiate-wilco-new-album.php ... ... it makes me wonder if Nels always talks like or if he isnt happy with it all...
  5. if you already love the sound but just want to knock it up a notch for solos i would go with a nice booster pedal - i sue my prescription electronics GERM for this very thing. a high gain pedal will simply just mush things up and probably muffle your tone more than letting it shine through. other than a boost, EQ pedals are an inexpensive and very effective way to cut through with your solos. as stated, if you are happy with the tone, look for something transparent for the solos.
  6. I hope none of you guys lust after a certain Breedlove sig guitar?
  7. a gibson LG series acoustic or pehaps a B25 would be sweet
  8. +1 on that LGO. magical little guitars
  9. kay were a pretty crazy co... often model lines vary tremendously in terms of pickups, switches, pickguard shape and size, headstick size and decoration, fret inlays etc.
  10. trick of the light? was is this per chance
  11. Tony Margerita Management 116 Pleasant St, #245 Easthampton MA 01027
  12. its a zvex box of metal. apparently some super demo will soon be up on the zvex site.
  13. All 330s came with P90s. It is in fact a Gibson ES330 not an Epi
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