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  1. Frontgate sucks royally. This is pathetic.
  2. Oh hell yes. My hometown, and lots of fellow fans here. And beg to differ on Wilco Me's observation about a lack of a flourishing music scene here. Tune in to Mountain Stage, taped just down the street, for a flavor of the acts that pass through CRW. http://www.mountainstage.org
  3. Any idea how I can get a DVD of the championship match? I realize the game is available through a webstream, but that won't work for me. My daughter missed the match and wants to see it...
  4. 3194'] I'm a big Rachel fan, but I usually can't watch 2 new shows in a 3 hour time period, unless something big is going down. The best thing about Maddow is the "map room", http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30480405/ns/msnbc_tv-rachel_maddow_show
  5. It's uncanny how this post hits on every band that I love most.
  6. This is perfect, especially the last bit: "Only time will tell how Wilco will reveal itself . What's clearly evident is that seamless and effortless leaps between genre and style mask the fact that the wealth of variety and diversion in this one album puts the vast majority of their contemporaries in the shade. Sure, there's a recognisable motif that connects everything here, but it's not a 'sonic' or genre-based theme. Instead the thread is that of a band seemingly increasing in confidence to produce something hugely rich, deeply luxurious and ultimately enormously generous."
  7. So I go to Milwaukee for two days a few months ago, never been there before. Someone points me to Mader's, and I eat dinner there twice. And here it shows up on Wilco cover. Coincidence? I think not.
  8. No flames. I agree. With the exception of Shouldn't be Ashamed, the show I saw the other night (Athens) was pretty much exactly like every other show I've seen in the last two years. Walken, Impossible Germany, Shot in the Arm, ITMWLY . . . Good stuff, but c'mon. This band has an amazing and varied catalogue, and I for one would love to hear more of it.
  9. Any pre-show meetup? Also, I should have an extra ticket - 6th row, orch section D.
  10. Not springsteen. Led zep! Bombastic. And Glenn and Jeff are completely in sync.
  11. My wife and I have spots in a Jeff Tweedy living room show that will take place May 16. Problem is, my wife's grandmother's 95th birthday party is that day, and we need to be there, as 95th birthday parties are even more rare than living room shows. I know there are three other shows, but I don't know when they are. Is anyone who has a couple spots at one of the other shows interested in swapping two spots with me, so you can attend the May 16 show and I can attend your show? If it matters, the Cubs are at home that weekend, and the weather should be a bit nicer then. Plus, the May 16 sho
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