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  1. oh ok thanks for clearing that up. I'm sure my brother explained this all to me at some point during the show. Yes Liam Finn rocked my face off. Great Great Live show. I didn't mean strange in a bad way, there were just strange vibes and such in the room.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, I saw them sit in at the last Memphis Wilco show. That show was so strange that I wasn't sure what all I saw. Have been meaning to look into them but never got around to it. Sorry you guys are so heartbroken. Must have been a great man and musician.
  3. I want everyone to know that the people that did not buy our 3 extra tickets really missed out. The Mezzanine level had to be the best level for this show. We could see the nerds on the floor and were at the perfect level to see the band. The fans on the Mezzanine level were awesome! I mean really, the people on the floor were a sight to see. Not just those two rows but the entire floor level was pitiful and entertaining all at once.The opening act was definitely on the "wow" list. Not something I would by to listen to in my car or on my iPod, but to see live, oh yes! After seeing several time
  4. I have 2 tickets in the Mezzanine level.
  5. Our group has 2 tix that we need to get rid of. Some losers backed out. edit: they are in the mezzanine level.
  6. It sure took a lot of nerve for me to open this thread. I just don't think I can click the link...I just can't.
  7. It looks great. Going to take some getting used to. I do fully appreciate your hard work to enable me to sit on my ass all day. I am really being genuine in case you can't tell. YAY!
  8. so I am assuming that you can sing and dance along without annoying the band and the audience?
  9. There is no rule stating that you cannot sing at a concert. If you want to hear the band and just the band, then sit at home and watch the DVD or listen to the CD. Concerts are social events. You know that there is going to be singing and dancing. If there weren't then why would anyone want to go to a concert that you have to sit in your seat and be quite as though you were at a movie theatre. This is the only thing that has annoyed me at Wilco shows-being afraid that someone is going to get mad at me for singing along with the band. People like to have fun at concerts and bands like to see th
  10. yaya!! :dancing Hope you are hazzing a wunnerrful day!
  11. I was hoping you would post that picture!! I love it! We didn't take any family pictures, but here is one that Lyric is going to kill me for when she gets older.
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