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  1. Message boards are an interesting culture. I wanted to post in the aforementioned thread but it was locked. AC: The piano was so rich on this new album too. JT: Thank you. When the record leaked, and this is probably what started a lot of my introspection in what we're talking about, in terms of communication and what the dialogue is. When the record leaked, I could not resist the curiosity I had to see what some people were saying on chat groups. One of the first things I read was this diatribe, just merciless, about how awful the record sounded and how there was not one real instrument
  2. I recently adopted a camel (haven't we all?) but I don't see what that has to do with the leak (which I have obtained and listened to). I will be purchasing the album on vinyl (why not? It's like $6 more and you get a copy of the CD).
  3. Oh my lord my favorite thread is back .... And I'm not even drunk.
  4. I've always found the comparison to be valid. Radiohead is to Brit Pop what Wilco is to American Folk/Rock. Both bands debut albums were shining examples of their respective genres and then their constant efforts to evolve within those genres from album to album are apparent. I do not, however, find the album by album comparison to be so rigid. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot I find far more comparible to Ok Computer than Summerteeth. YHF isn't nearly as a much of a departure as Kid A. I don't find an album to juxtapose in Wilco's catalog(ue) with Kid A or Amnesiac. Wilco hasn't strayed as f
  5. fkinbs

    Sky Blue Sky

    For being 19 you have a great perspective on things. My suggestion is to never give too much thought to anyone's musical opinion but your own. You can listen to others' opinions, but take them with a grain of salt. Only you can live in your own head. Sometimes I can't listen to Impossible Germany without hearing You Are My Face first. I find the album sequencing to be top notch. I will never say that I will understand the dislike of SBS since this was the album that brought me into the Wilco fold. In the past year I have gotten into every single thing Jeff has ever done, mostly becaus
  6. I'm not really all that surprised that he's a talented musician or that people like him and his music. I really wasn't looking to insult him. I just think he's a teabag. That's all.
  7. Lists like these always make me jump out of my skin for one reason or another. Usually for omitting certain names. This time it's the opposite. Ingrid Michaelson - Regardless if you like her or not, she's only been around for a couple of months and already she's on a list detailing Top 100 somethings in 15 years?! Okay, more than a couple of months, she put out an album in 05, but c'mon. I know you want to include more females, but let's not get carried away. Vampire Weekend - They put out their debut album in Jan 08. How could they possibly have been that influential in 6 months?
  8. That's funny that you mention the Warehouse (and Joyride) part as one the coolest concert things going on .... from what I've seen on the Dave boards I assume most of those fans hate the WOO(s). I would agree though, being a big Dave fan and a big Wilco fan that I would not like to see Wilco's shows become anything like a DMB show. But I suppose that works both ways. But more than anything else, I would not like to see Wilco's fans become like Dave's fans. If you find yourself believing you would make better decisions for Wilco than Jeff .... than you are starting to see the sympt
  9. I disagree, circle does not get the square.
  10. This thread gives me reason to get out of bed in the morning.
  11. Best thread ever. It should win awards. I completely concur it's: AM BT ST YHF AGIB SBS If only you could all see the truth in all it's glory.
  12. Yeah, but that's when he burned someone else, not when he got burnt himself.
  13. I gave him a tip of my cap, I don't think he saw it.
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