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  1. Very nearby. Third time for me at the venue. Sound is great but it is a bit uptight, if you ask me. Friday night was the most lively I’ve seen it. Really great show. So sorry about your dog. And hope your wife is on the mend.
  2. Saw Nels Cline with Gerald Cleaver and Larry Ochs last night in New Haven. Pretty mind-blowing set with Nels twiddling knobs and jumping in pedals and generally punishing his guitar. So nice to get to see him up close and in a small club (actually a recording studio.) I think they are heading to Philly next, then Brooklyn. Recommended.
  3. I'm not much for praying but that's about it. But just keep trying if you don't get through the first time. Honestly, I've never been shut out of a Wilco show before. The NYC tickets will be in demand, for sure, but there are 4 night to choose from. Best of luck...
  4. Any word on pre-sale passwords for the NY shows? Thx.
  5. Hmm, I often wonder about this. Part of me thinks that Nels will be the first one to move on. He seems to me like someone who's always looking to branch out. I wonder what's his impetus for sticking around. As for the rest, I can't see it unless Jeff decides that should be the case. After all, he's the boss. Do you know something we don't, nalafej?
  6. Was that the show at Maine State Pier? That's one of my fave Wilco shows ever.
  7. I'm generally with you on this but I think this type of stuff is what Nels really enjoys doing. I think being in Wilco allows him the personal and financial freedom to dabble like this.To each their own...
  8. Only on this board would people be fretting about the weather 4 1/2 months away.
  9. Are the ticket links supposed to be on the shows page?
  10. The venue in New Haven is quite small (1,500 capacity) It will be a real treat to see them in a bit more intimate setting.
  11. Listening to this show now. Positively love this sludge rock version of Kamera.
  12. If you ask me, $6.47 is still too much to charge for shipping. I sell a ton of records via Discogs and I charge $3.25 to ship LP's domestically via media mail. There's no reason anyone should be charged $6.50.
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