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  1. This calendar seems awfully light on the exposed nipple and beave photos.
  2. I'm pretty sure Paulaner Pilsner is the best beer on the planet.
  3. Last time I tried to talk to Jay about UT he punched me square in the mouth. Seriously, what kind of guy punches another guy square in the mouth for bringing up something like that? The last time I talked to the Boquist brothers about Mike they seemed way more interested in talking about what a jerk you are.
  4. In retrospect, Superchunk made some of my favorite music in the 90's. Although at no time back then would I have considered them my favorite band.
  5. The best record of the 1990's was Leatherface's Mush. They weren't the best band though. So really, I'm offering very little here...
  6. I heard Rod Stewart sing on some TV show recently. It may have even been American Idol, but I can't remember. I do remember though that his voice was totally shot. Maybe that was a one-time thing. Or maybe karma is finally paying him back for singing douche tunes for 30 years. If he's too old or whatever to really bring it, I hope a real Faces reunion doesn't happen. Let him keep singing standards (poorly).
  7. I should pay more attention to this board.
  8. Jeff PM'd me about 6-8 months ago to inquire about enjoying his band on my terms.
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot about that! To answer your question - yes, he's a surprisingly gentle lover.
  10. Son Volt came on at about 9:30 in DC. Doors were at 7.
  11. I didn't talk to the drummer, so I can't confirm that he hates me (although, c'mon...who doesn't?) He did seem like he was having a good time playing drums though. Actually, the whole band (including Jay) seemed pretty into it.
  12. I saw Son Volt last night at the 9:30 club. They were good.
  13. So, Drag the River have decided to give away their Live at the Starlight album for free, instead of doing another pressing. You should download it, because its awesome and stuff: http://www.suburbanhomerecords.com/starlight/
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