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  1. Very cool - thanks for tweeting it for those at home! Looks like a fantastic set! Can't wait to hear the reviews!
  2. Thank you for the setlist! It might be coincidence but last night I was watching Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid for the first time in a long time....hope you guys have a drier time of it today! Wish I was there!
  3. Complete bullshit! 10 on the dot here as well for the Bowery!!! Can't believe it!!!
  4. Really. Besides those two tracks, I really think that he's pretty transparent. And I mean that in a good way - don't get me wrong. The producer's job, as I see it, is to get the most/best out of the artist as possible. Jeff did this in every way on this album. And let's really look at it as I think Jeff probably is - it's all about Mavis! And that's pretty awesome! Great job all around!
  5. After listening since it came out, I have to say that the album works on many levels. Aside from the title track and save No East or West - Tweedy's prints aren't really on this album at all. Mavis is out there in front as was mentioned and that's perfect placement. The song choices are on spot and it's much better than the last album. More focused I think. And while I agree many wouldn't have bought this save for Tweedy's producing it - I would have bought it even if he didn't after seeing her open up for Wilco at Solid Sound! The backing band is fantastic. And its a testimony to Jeff that he
  6. Awesome stuff! Great idea and fantastic versions!!! Congrats!
  7. Should be interesting!!!!
  8. He was with my group! The rain got to him I think! Great show! Great Pic!!!
  9. What an inspiring weekend! Almost flawless! Just got home last night. The wife and I and some very good friends made a 5 night 6 day vacation out of it with SS the crown jewel. Finally getting back to check the reviews and I agree with all the positive reviews and then some. What a chill scene it was and just nothing but smiles from everyone I saw and met. It was cool to see some of the guys in the band out and about in the crowd. No one bothering them and just letting them enjoy the scene. The one safety issue was the waiting for Joe's Field to open on Saturday before Mavis. They had that
  10. You certainly did get that request honored! It was cool to hear that story in person! Great weekend!
  11. I'm loving the North Adams extended forecast for the weekend! NYC is so f*ing hot right now! Can't wait to get up there!
  12. Just released my rooms at the Holiday Inn if anyone is looking for accommodations. The one in North Adams. We are staying with my band mate so we can use the money for other things. Can't wait for the weekend! Just got off the phone with the HI and they told me there is a lot of action going on getting ready for the event! All good stuff!!!! Hope this helps someone. The direct number is:413-663-6500. Have a great day all!
  13. Recently it has been The Price is Right Theme song....I could be mistaken.
  14. Hey all! Happy Summer! Been a while since I posted. What with the end of school and all the music filling my life its been busy to say the least! I hope everyone is well. A question for those of you that have to carry your own PA to gigs. My band has an old one from the late 90's. Big hard wood speakers, two heavy floor monitors, the PA head itself is very very heavy. I've pulled my back out three times in the last week moving it and cannot do it anymore. So my question is what is a good quality PA that is light weight and not too expensive? And suggestions? To tell you what I need
  15. During a very bad time in 2005 someone gave me the Concert for George on DVD. Changed my world around. I've been a George fan for years but hadn't for some reason checked this out. And for me the thing about it was here were all these great songs that George wrote and all his friends getting up there and doing them in his honor. To me that was one of the most touching musical events I can think of. And it was full of class from start to finish. As far as albums go - Ryan Adams' Jacksonville City Nights was a huge album for me and one album I listened to multiple times a day for over a year.
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