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  1. You & I at Lowes last Saturday night
  2. This is my list exactly. RT is my favorite movie ever.
  3. I won't be able to attend the Toronto show.. so thinking of a road trip to Philly... I better get on those tickets. I'm not missing this for anything!
  4. only 3 episodes in and also heard Avett Brothers and Grizzly Bear. great music and Peter Krause?
  5. this happens to me. I got emails from 2 friends last weekend telling me that Wilco are mentioned many times in the movie "Funny People". (like I didn't already know)
  6. it is pretty great. can't wait to see them in March.
  7. I saw the Lemonheads in June 2009 in a small club in Toronto, couldn't have been more than 100 people there. Evan summersaulted onto the stage & put on an excellent show
  8. Last Sunday heard California Stars at a clothing store. The next day was telling my friend (who I converted) and he had heard One Wing the day before while grocery shopping.
  9. (just saying my husband is a new Spoon fan, who loves Ga (because it's so poppy), but think he might not like this one as much). I agree, this one fits, I love it more with every listen. Trouble Comes Running is so great.
  10. very cool. "I summon you" by Britt (Spoon) is my favorite version of that song.
  11. My husband & I are watching from the beginning too (he stopped watching in season 2). We're just starting Season 4 now. I am getting way more out of it this way & find it easier to follow. I agree, the week(s) in between you lose so much. I think I may watch all of season 6 by dvd.
  12. Not sure how this will hold up with any of the new fans that got hooked on Ga? It is not as catchy. I loved the horns on Ga. And I agree Britt has the sexiest voice in rock. Love the scream on Written in Reverse Looking forward to seeing them in TO, will be my first Spoon show. Too bad it's at the Sound Academy, not a fan of the venue.
  13. there's a 4min "Written in Reverse" on youtube. sounds great. can't wait.
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