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  1. I was at that game! Market Garden is ok, I like that owner's other place down the block - Nano Brew. Small batch beer, but a huge selection from everywhere else. The best time to go to Great Lakes is a Saturday morning, we "pre-game" there before shopping at the West Side Market. The Market District is one of the greatest parts of Cleveland. Come back, spend a weekend. There's a lot going on.
  2. I love Summit. I'm in the Cleveland area, so of course Great Lakes Brewing is the biggest game in town (and state, really). But nows there's so many others. We've recently enjoyed Portside, which just opened a tasing room in the harbor. Very cool place, pretty good beer, but pretty expensive. They're also a distillery. Their christmas spice rum tasted like battery acid, tho. The Brew Kettle is opening a loaction in Amherst, Oh. It's a brew it yourself place with pretty good food. My favorite Ohio brewers is Catawaba Island Brewing - a must if you're in the Lake Erie Islands area.
  3. going tomorrow in Akron! I hope we get Cars Can't Escape too. and Magazine!!!
  4. I know what you mean. My summer will be bookended by Tweedy in Detroit in June and then Wilco in Akron next month.
  5. I was on vacation on Madeline Is in Lake Superior when the tickets went on sale. My phone didn't play well with ticketmaster and i was on a crappy 3G connection (Tom's Burned Down Cafe wasn't yet open so no wi-fi). I gave up and figured stub hub would have something. I scored row F (for Akron) when i got home. So, pretty happy. I'm just excited for not having to drive more than an hour. I AM bummed that my 10 year old daughter didnt want to go - the last time I saw the guys was at the LC Pavilion 2 summers ago and she made me promise that I'd take her when they were closer to Cleveland.
  6. wow -- what a GREAT show. Kicking Television was a highlight for me. The new stuff was really good, I'm excited for the album. and yea, where the hell did they find that asshat comic? his whole act was how he cant get laid. well, no shit. I love raunchy, but this was unfunny crap.
  7. dumbest part of the movie. that's where it started for me I think.
  8. You've seen me rant on facebook over my distaste of Fred A. Ima let this one go. Now if JT would show up on GOT as a Stark or Wildling, that would be something!!!
  9. I've been into Phillip K Dick. About to start Ubik.
  10. This was the 1st time I've ever watched Portlandia...... this will probably get me banned .... but that show is horrible, Fred Armisen is terrible and NOT funny. The Tweedy bit was awesome but its a testament to my being a fan girl that I sat through that crap. I see FA learned his lesson, put the good stuff on at the end so people have to sit through the crap, unlike SNL wher they blow their load in the 1st 10 minutes and people only stay on for the musical act if they're into it. I'm sure Parks and Rec will be way better.
  11. Thanks, bbop. I was able to score a ticket, and a pretty decent one at that!
  12. trying to buy tickets for Detroit. the shows page on Wilco world took me to a ticket master site -- the venue is the Jack White Theater? WTF?? edit: its the same place. my chances of going to this show keep getting smaller.
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