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  1. Hi, if you have 1 or 2 extras for either or both shows in mpls I would like to buy them! Thanks! Kevan
  2. oh my god the art of almost oh my god. Really?? I seriously want to stop listening now and walk away thinking this could be Wilcos best work. Oh My God. Wow. Sorry to get freak out juice all over you.
  3. No way man, not in the playoffs. Nobody's gonna care in the playoffs, unless it's a Chicago route. That is a sweet idea though. Love the old stars jerseys. Maybe wear it when the Hawks play the Stars next year? That might work.
  4. I'd be interested to hear that, too. NHL Live recently interviewed one of their journalists or commentators who said the fan base is really tense. To clarify: Luongo has led Vancouver to the second round every time they've made the playoffs (07, 09,10) and Chicago has beaten them 2 years in a row in the second round.
  5. Twins over Red Sox Angels over Yankees Twins over Angels Reds over Phillies Giants over Cardinals Reds over Giants Twins over Reds (I know, I know, just let me dream)
  6. Thats the only game I've been to this year. It was a great one, even though my team lost. What a spectacle, with 16k+! St. Thomas has no ceiling this year, IMO. They remind me of the 03 Johnnies, who crushed Mt. in the championship game. Hopefully the Tommies can do the same (as the Johnnies are a dead team walking, where the playoffs are concerned).
  7. Not in the Central Time zone, to which, I believe, Mr. Tweedy is partial. I love the music you've made, Jeff Tweedy.
  8. Took a very frustrating hour but I finally pulled 10th row for Minneapolis! Very few fees charged. Nice!
  9. I forgot how much I loved this man! I'm way, way giddy! Best news!!
  10. asthmatickitty Pitchfork Coming to Minneapolis! I'm so excited. Hopefully new material accompanies...
  11. I'm losing my Autumn Defense virginity right now, and I'm liking it. Listening to Circles. Went to their website and read good news: http://theautumndefense.com/ I really wish I could get to the Wilco festival this year.
  12. Had a friend group that recently moved to different cities and we'd like to play poker on-line (for money, if legal; if not, no big deal) bi-weekly, give or take. Anyone know of a good free site? Thanks.
  13. Found in Minneapolis @ Kings Wine Bar, kingsmpls.com I might have to stop by tonight for a taste. I hope it's Great! I have my doubts..... from the (Kings) website: Wilco Tango Foxtrot $6 Limited Release Brown Ale Lagunitas Brewing Company, CA “a big ol’ Imperial Brown Ale to help you with your slipperly slide on into springtime. Rich, smooth, dangerous & chocolatey.” And. . . 7.83% alcohol! Passenger side, indeed! A Malty Robust Jobless Recovery Ale. Well, someone's a Wilco fan
  14. a Blackhawks Cup sure feels inevitable. That has to give you pause, right? Like everyone and their uncle who doesn't even watch hockey KNOWS Chicago is about to win the cup. I feel the inevitability, I agree with it; and because of that, I'm saying Flyers win it. Say 7 games. I'm pulling for the Hawks though.
  15. The distinctions I chose were NHL-only Stanley Cups and Cities that experienced a win. Your great-Grandfather might be able to describe to you how Ottawa reacted to the 1927 Cup win. He might also be able to describe Vancouver of the PCHA defeating Ottawa of the NHA for the Cup in 1915 but, to me, thats different However, if Vancouver's name is on the Cup then I think I'm technically wrong We could probably make that the deciding factor. I don't know the answer.
  16. Ottawa won the first Stanley Cup awarded within the NHL in 1927. Since then the Cup has been awarded exclusively to the NHL Champion and Vancouver remains the only non-defunct Canadian franchise never to have won it. I mean, it was a bad joke anyway so I feel stupid defending it, but I know what I'm talking about here
  17. Shoulders shrugging off... (enter Jay)... *chills.......
  18. The things, the 'noise', going on underneath Jeff and Glenn on Radio Cure blow my mind every time. Thats my #1.
  19. Well, San Jose making the Cup would kinda be like an all-Canadian Cup final, with the all-Canadian top line, Boyle, Blake, Setoguchi, Malhotra, Clowe, etc.... You'd be a brave man. And we start back up today/tonight! Freaking NHL, 2 series left and they'll play on the same days for games 1-2. It wouldn't be better to have 1 game every night?
  20. How F'ing nuts would a Boston-Montreal Conference Final be?? One of the great playoff rivalries in sports. I think it would be one of the hardest fought series imaginable. Not to discount Philly, they could win and have a GREAT series v. Montreal (just minus some of the bad blood going in, but I'm sure they'd develop it in no time)!
  21. Circus sideshow. Yzerman has earned more respect in hockey communities than Tampa's entire franchise, collectively. It'd be like the Pope coming to your local Catholic Elementary school for Easter.
  22. I'd be shocked. Shocked! I cannot see it happening.
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