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  1. Just wanted to chime in and thank you, bböp, for this fantastic recap. I don't have a point of reference for Friday night's show, but last night felt very very satisfying. The outro of "Reservations" was just gorgeous, and I had never heard "Cars Can't Escape" nor "The Good Part" live and they were a real treat. And, NoOneKnowsMe, you're 100% correct that Pat is the MVP. I have always considered him the most technically gifted musician in the band. His ability to switch between instruments, and play multiple instruments at once, is so impressive. I first noticed this during the Sa
  2. Jeff and Wilco as a whole have always been great about keeping their finger on the pulse of their fanbase. I’m going to tonight’s (Sunday) show, and I bought tickets really just to hear what they would do with YHF. Seems like that has been a unanimous success; everything else they play is a bonus to me. I’ve been to super long Wilco shows, and if prior SS’s are any indication, we’ll get those at the end of May. I hope everyone truly enjoyed themselves last night, and I can’t wait for this evening.
  3. I have a pair of tickets to the Friday Oct 11 Boston show I can't use. Balcony C, Row V, Seats 101 and 102. I paid $94 with all fees, etc...but am willing to entertain offers. The tickets aren't sold out yet, but I'd appreciate if you could help me upload mine before you go the ticketmater route. Email: michaelpancheri@gmail.com Thanks!
  4. As the topic states, 2 really sweet tickets as close as possible is exactly what I'm looking for. Please get in touch if you'd have a pair and would like to sell them. Thank you! Michael Pancheri michaelpancheri@gmail.com 860-593-1535
  5. Yeah..I'm not getting a thing, and I was there right at 10 CT clicking away like a maniac. I'm clearly doing something wrong.
  6. Am I missing something with this presale? Nothing available.
  7. Hey guys! I have 2 VIP tickets for this Friday's show in Madison. I don't want anything for them, I just want them to go to a good home where people might not normally be able to afford such tickets. So please, tell me your story, via email or whatever, and I'd be happy to overnight you the tickets asap. Thanks! Michael michaelpancheri@gmail.com
  8. Hi folks, Once again, I apologize for posting it in this section, but I wanted it to get seen. I purchased two VIP tickets to the show in Madison, WI on Friday (August 19th), but unfortunately I won't be able to go. Now I am not looking for any financial compensation, but I would like these tickets to go to someone who really deserves them. So, if you were to give me a great reason as to why you or someone you know deserves the tickets, I'd be happy to ship them out overnight to you (also at no charge to you). I just want someone who might not otherwise be able to afford to, to get the
  9. Any reasonable offers will be considered..thanks so much! michaelpancheri@gmail.com
  10. What the heck huh? How on earth are they immediately sold out. Something is fishy here.
  11. How on earth are they sold out in two seconds? Doesn't make ANY sense!! I'm willing to pay whatever....hit me up please. 860-593-1535 Thanks! Michael
  12. Please call or text 860-593-1535 if you have one. Thanks! Michael
  13. Hey there. I have one balcony ticket that I purchased pre-sale, and then realized today that GA tickets were on sale. So, my stupidity is your benefit. I have ONE (1) right balcony, row E seat 10. I just want to recoup the $75. I'll ship it out for free, and I don't care about the service charge. So let me know yall! Thanks! Michael.
  14. Ooooh almost time! Hope everything goes smoothly and everyone gets the tickets they desire! Good luck, y'all! Ps: See ya in New Haven!
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