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  1. Yeah..I'm not getting a thing, and I was there right at 10 CT clicking away like a maniac. I'm clearly doing something wrong.
  2. Am I missing something with this presale? Nothing available.
  3. Hi folks, Once again, I apologize for posting it in this section, but I wanted it to get seen. I purchased two VIP tickets to the show in Madison, WI on Friday (August 19th), but unfortunately I won't be able to go. Now I am not looking for any financial compensation, but I would like these tickets to go to someone who really deserves them. So, if you were to give me a great reason as to why you or someone you know deserves the tickets, I'd be happy to ship them out overnight to you (also at no charge to you). I just want someone who might not otherwise be able to afford to, to get the
  4. Ooooh almost time! Hope everything goes smoothly and everyone gets the tickets they desire! Good luck, y'all! Ps: See ya in New Haven!
  5. Hey hey. I posted this in the ticket section as well, but I'd love to buy a campsite at Hoosac High. They seem to be sold out. So....if anyone needs to unload one, I'm your man Thanks y'all! I'm totally pumped for next month.
  6. I'm sure this has been addressed elsewhere on this forum, so I apologize for this repetitive question. But any info we have about touring, solid sound, new material, et al....would be great! Thanks guys, this forum is awesome.
  7. well, for perspective, steely dan shows at the wang start at $48. so i imagine wilco cant fetch more than that....lets hope. cause $194 is absurd.
  8. is there a reason this song is never played live? [perhaps never isnt accurate, does anyone recall a time it was?]
  9. any idea when tickets go on sale for these shows?
  10. amazing. probably doesnt need its own topic...but it was incredible. just demonstrated pat's amazing contribution to the band.
  11. michaelp

    Tweedy Solo

    I'm not familiar with last year's benefit shows, but do you figure any other wilco members [the autumn defense, et al] will make a guest appearance? i'm from hartford, and flying out for the saturday show....and completely pumped!
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