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  1. Forgot to mention but I have an email with a PDF of the ticket that I can send if you are interested in purchasing.
  2. Unfortunately one of our family members can no longer attend. Ticket was purchased for $219 including fees. Will sell for $200 if anyone is interested. It's gonna be a good one!
  3. To those who are excited about this line up. Please make some recommendations that we can listen to. We have been listening through many of the bands, but nothing is really standing out.
  4. Looking forward to the festival, this will be our fifth one. Spent the afternoon texting with family and friends, who are also attending, how we are all pretty disappointed with the lineup. At least Wilco is playing and we can take our time inside the museum. Any thoughts on what they might do on Friday night?
  5. OK, but I am pretty sure that those who were smoking were doing it on the slide and not out in the open so in that case I don't believe that anyone was making an "exception." Just thought it was funny that she seemed to be so outraged by people smoking weed at a rock show. Also, funny that she got the year wrong...2015. Personally I have more of an issue with the folks who feel the need to drink themselves into a stupor and attempt to sing as if they are in the band. Fortunately they were limited in my area.
  6. Really great show, beautiful venue, perfect sound. Loved hearing Star Wars after having gotten to know the album. We saw them at the GOTV but the alum was new to us and it just didn't hit as well as it did last night. Overheard an amusing exchange just before the band came on....smell of weed starts wafting through the air and a woman a couple of rows behind us starting taking issue with it, starts glaring around and stating loudly to her husband, "I am not OK with this!" Moments later I see her taking with the ushers who were looking at her with puzzled faces. After the show she happens
  7. Spiders tonight, been years since I've seen an electric one
  8. We are thinking of co We are thinking of going for Mexican at Chavela's anyone ever heard of the place?
  9. That would be fantastic. Full electric version of Volunteers?!?! Going tonight with my daughter for her 14th birthday!
  10. 1,382 posts on a message board...seems like you might not be a stranger to wasting time. Video had it's moments, fun.
  11. Prices dropping already. Not to get all conspiracy theory here, but I do think that a good chunk of tickets are never even put on sale, they just go right to the secondary market. If a $75 ticket sells for $85 in the end that's 10 extra dollars. Some folks will pay hundreds, they hedge their bets.
  12. .....I'm not going to whine after reading here how folks got shut out. But that's my report. Kind of sounds like you are
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