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  1. OK, but I am pretty sure that those who were smoking were doing it on the slide and not out in the open so in that case I don't believe that anyone was making an "exception." Just thought it was funny that she seemed to be so outraged by people smoking weed at a rock show. Also, funny that she got the year wrong...2015. Personally I have more of an issue with the folks who feel the need to drink themselves into a stupor and attempt to sing as if they are in the band. Fortunately they were limited in my area.
  2. Really great show, beautiful venue, perfect sound. Loved hearing Star Wars after having gotten to know the album. We saw them at the GOTV but the alum was new to us and it just didn't hit as well as it did last night. Overheard an amusing exchange just before the band came on....smell of weed starts wafting through the air and a woman a couple of rows behind us starting taking issue with it, starts glaring around and stating loudly to her husband, "I am not OK with this!" Moments later I see her taking with the ushers who were looking at her with puzzled faces. After the show she happens
  3. Spiders tonight, been years since I've seen an electric one
  4. We are thinking of co We are thinking of going for Mexican at Chavela's anyone ever heard of the place?
  5. That would be fantastic. Full electric version of Volunteers?!?! Going tonight with my daughter for her 14th birthday!
  6. 1,382 posts on a message board...seems like you might not be a stranger to wasting time. Video had it's moments, fun.
  7. Prices dropping already. Not to get all conspiracy theory here, but I do think that a good chunk of tickets are never even put on sale, they just go right to the secondary market. If a $75 ticket sells for $85 in the end that's 10 extra dollars. Some folks will pay hundreds, they hedge their bets.
  8. .....I'm not going to whine after reading here how folks got shut out. But that's my report. Kind of sounds like you are
  9. Never had a problem with a presale for Wilco. I think that the problem was clearly on their end thus the apology email from the band. Will try again today....
  10. Didn't get tickets for 2/6 Brooklyn show. Will try again tomorrow, but what a mess. Secondary market seems to be flooded with tickets. Seeing this more often nowadays. I think that's because a lot of these tickets go directly to the secondary market and are never even offered to us regular folks. And all that I want to do is bring my daughter to the show for her birthday she's 14 years old. Great that this is what she wants, sucks that it's so hard to get tickets.
  11. Thanks, but it just brought me right to Wilco's webpage for the Brooklyn show I am looking for which is sold out.
  12. Below is an excerpt of the email that was sent regarding the presale. Neither link brings you to the events page. Hoping for better luck with the regular on-sale as I would like to take my daughter to the Saturday night show in Brooklyn. If anyone with any influence reads this, please adjust the presale links. Never had a problem in the past. Wilcoworld Access members, new US east coast tour dates have been announced in support of Star Wars. Full details are below. Presales begin tomorrow, Wednesday, October 14th at 10 AM EDT, right here. To access the presale, click the presale link f
  13. That sucked. Poor instructions, very unclear. Reviewed original emails and logged on by 9:30. No mention of any events page link in the presale emails. The only way I even went to the events page was after I saw it posted in this thread. Needless to say I did not get tickets.
  14. Hey, how are you? Yes, it's Greg, good memory. I am pretty bad with names so you will have to remind me. I do recall that when we met at Cooperstown you were wearing a Lebowski (Art) shirt. And, your friend (who's name I also forget) blew up one of the balloons manually. My kids have referred to him as the Standing O guy because he showed them a dance move at Cooperstown. And, the balloon launch has become our tradition for the start of any Wilco show we are at. We were fortunate to have seen the band at Lockn and the Capital Theater over the past couple of months. Also saw Tweedy this
  15. We are a family of 5 and definitely set up some chairs so the kids can sit down and rest as needed, it's a long day. Last year we were back by the soundboard. Chairs up front don't make sense. By the way....did I mention that the picture on the Solid Sound page is of my wife and daughter! I did, but I'll say it again.
  16. Just got the Solid Sound email and.....that's my wife and daughter in the picture. Really cool!
  17. Would love to see video, it's a magical song and perhaps one of the greatest lyrics ever written.
  18. Great show. Really enjoyed the varied setlist. Everything was played very well and the sound in the balcony was perfect. Highlights for me were Company in My Back, Poor Places, He'll is Chrome, Ashes, It's Just That Simple (finally!!!), Laminated Cat, and Radio Cure. I also loved the acoustic encore set, particularly the True Love. It was cool how they lowered the lightbulbs from when they played the last four. This is a venue that I have been to a bunch of times over the past couple of years and I was excited to see Wilco there. If you have never been and you get the chance go, I can'
  19. Yes the only time I saw On and On was at that New Haven show. I have always regretted not buying the poster. Recently communicated with the artist who was willing to sell me one of two proofs that he had but it was $250. Wife and I were at that one and we are going tonight as well, just the two of us. All the other shows have been with one or more of our kids. Looking forward to it. Love this theater!!!!
  20. I have 2 tickets in the center balcony for Wilco at the Capital Theater. Hard tickets for sale at face value, or I can trade for 2 on the 29th. Please let me know if you are interested.
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