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  1. That's funny White Wooden Cross and One and a Half Stars are the two that took the longest to grab me, I thought they were pretty mediocre on the first few listens. After seeing them both live now, I definitely love One and a Half Stars, and I like WWC more but it's still probably my least favorite on the album, it's just super basic imo
  2. Yeah I actually wasn’t big on One and a half stars or White wooden cross beforehand but hearing them live and two feet in front of me gave me a new appreciation for them. And the rest of the songs I loved already, and were effing amazing, obviously.
  3. I might have one or two out of order but it was def these songs An empty corner Before us One and a half stars Everyone hides White wooden cross Love is everywhere Hold me anyway SummerTeeth
  4. Holy moly. That was a religious experience. I was right up front. I never go to these things where you get in a line crazy early or get first row anything, nor do I have any autographs of anyone. But now I have Ode To Joy and AGIB vinyls both autographed and I got to briefly talk to Jeff and the rest of the guys. Still processing all of this.
  5. I saw that, luckily I ordered the vinyl/wristband thing yesterday right when I found out. It appears on the website that the wristband is just for "priority admission" and the record signing, but from what I hear from someone who called up there, you're pretty much not getting in at all if you don't have a wristband.
  6. I'm actually going to type out the names since the abbreviations are making me have to think too much A Ghost is Born Sky Blue Sky Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Ode to Joy Star Wars Summerteeth The Whole Love Being There Schmilco Wilco (The Album) AM If Kicking Television counted I'd put it at Number 2 under AGIB. Freaking love that record
  7. I'm going today after work to pick up the vinyl and wristband. The shop opens at noon on Sunday. I haven't been there since they moved locations, so I haven't seen the size, but I'm gonna try to get the skinny on what I need to do to be as close to the stage as humanly possible.
  8. Anybody going to this? I've lived in Nashville for over ten years now, I've gone to see the band live at the Ryman every year they've come through for the past five years or so. I just found out today they are playing in-store at Grimey's and my brain almost exploded. It's free so I expect it's going to be crazy packed, and I've never gone to anything there with what I expect will be such a huge crowd. I'm going to stop by tomorrow to see if I can find out any tips that will help me ensure I'm not in the back of the room or anything. I'm totally prepared to go very early and wait. Also they ar
  9. Well now after some time to digest I can say I love this album. The only songs that haven't really grabbed me are One and a Half Stars and White Wooden Cross, theres just nothing very exciting going on with those, to my ears at least. We Were Lucky is one that I thought wasn't super great on the first couple listens but it's become one of my favorites now. The two singles are fantastic and get stuck in my head all the time. And the first two tracks are just spectacular...they kind of outshine the rest of the album imo but not too too much.
  10. I've def listened to the first half way more than the second at this point, due to starting the album over on car rides and whatnot. So the second half I haven't digested as much as the first. But man I love, love love Bright Leaves and Before Us. They sound like they are kicking off what could potentially be one of my favorite albums next to AGIB and SBS, but at the moment I'm not sure because I need to digest the rest a bit more. I didn't really vibe Quiet Amplifier at first but every time I hear it now I hear new things, and I'm starting to like it a lot. Everyone Hides it's just another ki
  11. Just finished my first listen. I immediately know this is one that's going to take awhile to digest because of what's going on...which is exciting because the last few albums didn't hit me that way. I liked them almost immediately. This is giving me more AGIB vibes with the mood and the sounds that are going on. It's a weird place to be in where like...I'm disappointed i didn't connect to it straight away, but psyched that my favorite albums never get me on the first listen. So I'm hoping it's going to take that turn with a few more.
  12. Does anyone know where to get mp3's of this set? I found the podcast where they aired it but i'd love to have it in my music library the sound is fantastic
  13. The girl he called entitled was actually a different girl that wouldn't put away her cell phone during Kingpin. The one with the iPad didn't put up a fight like the cell phone girl did. Last year and this year combined, 4 shows at the Ryman, I still need to see At Least That's What You Said, Either Way, Sky Blue Sky, Pieholden Suite, Can't Stand It, Hoodoo Voodoo, Sunken Treasure, Theologians, Company in My Back....okay I think that's it. But in all honesty I can't believe how amazing these two setlists were this week.
  14. You know I was in the balcony near the guy that Jeff was yelling at for saying "fuck you", and the guy actually didn't say fuck you, he said something that could be misinterpreted as fuck you from a distance but I'm not sure what it was. Kinda felt bad for the guy but then again it's not bad to have the story that Jeff said fuck you and called you an asshole The girl with the iPad aside, the other thing I couldn't believe is the one girl with the cell phone during Kingpin. Jeff asked her to put it away and she fought him for a good two minutes. He had to explain that he was trying to summon
  15. Is Poor Places a commonly disliked song? The version on Kicking Television is probably one of my favorite recordings they have ever done. Theres something brilliant about that song, it's so simple but just...perfect.
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