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  1. Don’t forget about this link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNr6BWWWmPQ-gvuaw8hYuCotmygK_qvd4 Lots of videos from tweedy show
  2. hi. any new solution to download the sunken treasure show ? thank you
  3. Here's most of Jeff chords use on songs. I'm trying to sort my tabs and chords. Want to make a book for me. Maybe a poster. Contact me if interested
  4. just a kid D wilco the song D art of almost Std i might D black moon DGCFAD born alone std (5) wait for love std nobody dies anymore std you’re not alone std summer noon D (4) you satelite D where do i begin std hoodoo voodoo std pieholden suit std (2) too far apart std monday std
  5. I agree (for the name on the back)... BUT without the tweedy, it's just a simple Gibson SG.
  6. i finally have one... =) more pics on my instagram : the_fragile_36
  7. hi man it's all the songs i play, AND i've found on wilcoworld a sheet from a show with guitars and tunings used by Jeff.
  8. sorry. i made a mistake. it's xx0232 ..... not xx0323.... if you look at Jeff fingers...think my version is closer...
  9. I just play it like Jeff does on acoustic guitar
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