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  1. I always thought it meant "In my half-baked opinion". How embarrassing. I've not only been misusing it all this time, but misreading all of you as well!
  2. Easiest thing in the world...just pm me with your new name request, and I'll change it for you pronto. (Any admin can do this.)
  3. Caleb, that would be great! But this topic is for the Tweedy Tribute, Volume One. "Not for the Season" would go on the Wilco Tribute, Volume 3. No one else has done NFTS, so I've listed it as yours in the preliminary Claims List for Vol. 3, here: http://forums.viachicago.org/index.php?showtopic=2751
  4. If you look at the first post in this thread, you'll see the full list. I've added your name.
  5. It's yours if you want it....I'll add it to the list right now in your name, but let me know if you definitely want it.
  6. No, this will be Tweedy Tribute # 1, if we ever get it together. Wilco Tribute #3 is a separate project.
  7. Here are the rules, folks. As we've said repeatedly, NO SCALPING! "This forum was created to help both people who are in need of tickets as well as for those who have extras. This forum is for Wilco, or Wilco-related shows ONLY, if you need tickets to R.E.M., go to Murmurs, or Craigslist, etc. Anyone caught trying to sell (or buy) tickets for over face value will be banned from the Via Chicago forums, NO WARNINGS. Dude, seriously, We mean it, don't even try... The Via Chicago Staff" and again, "Tickets may be sold at or under face value only (plus any fees) You may post more tha
  8. Oh god, what are they saying I did this time???!!!?? I think I can prove I wasn't there....I might even have eyewitnesses and photos and the trail of a bloodhound to back up my story. Somebody back me up here!
  9. Thanks for helping out, thisyearsgirl.
  10. Say What? Nah, I just thought we could do better than "Um"..... How about, "Hell in a Nutshell"?
  11. Solace, I'd like to see "After the Show" continue to be archived......that's one that contains a lot of info that winds up being referred back to a lot, I think. The Locator is still on, but has been hung up due to LLP's shortage of time. He was going to show me how to add the profiles but he's been too busy even for that. The poor boy is working too hard.
  12. You're gonna get her all hooked on rawk star boyfriends, aren't you?
  13. .niap a fo dnik si eno tahT. ?ecalos ko ,hguoht "sdrawskcab" no ti tes ton s'teL
  14. I'm fond of the setting that makes every other letter a cap, myself.
  15. I'd like it set to 6 months, Kyle.....I often look up old stuff, like photos when I want to make cover art. Pretty please?
  16. Hi Ronen, I just want to say that when I read your topic title, I immediately nodded to myself, and said, "Why yes, yes they do!" I suppose I haven't been much help here, have I?
  17. I'm sorry to say that "Gun" has already been claimed, but was mistakenly listed on the Wilco Tribute #3 list. Sorry. Is there another song you'd like to do? "Wait Up" is open.....or maybe a Tweedy-sung Golden Smog song? I don't think "Pecan Pie" has been claimed yet.... Let me know, and I promise to list you promptly.
  18. Hi and welcome to Via Chicago! Make a request for Tribute Volume 2 over in the "Reflecting off of your CD" forum, and one of our many traders is sure to help you out! (If they don't : , get back to me. But I'm too busy to help right now.)
  19. Belle, you don't need to worry about it because I still had some good glossy brochure paper, so I went ahead and printed the art for you. It will be in the package I'm sending. But I still don't have your address......never got the email you sent ......so please send a pm with your address, ok? The rest of youse, if you need the Tribute Vol. 2 cover art, you'll find it pinned in the ELT forum. Great stuff! LLP outdid himself.
  20. Hello, my little ragtag band of multitalents! I just thought you'd all like to know that Tony Margherita's office received their big box of Tribute 2 CD's a bit more than a week ago. I don't think copies have been distributed to the band members yet, since they've been tearing around on tour, but as of this evening, it looks like they have a 2-week break. So I'd suppose they'll likely be home in Chicago for a bit, and it seems probable that they will get their lovingly wrapped, painstakingly crafted CD's very soon. Thought you'd all want to know so you could commence with the nervous nail-c
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